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Full Version: TRIBES....?
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RE: THE TRIBE, I know a few(lot?) of folks travel a lot with Bob. Are there many groups on here like that ?

I'm still landlocked but was thinking......I don't want to end up like Ted Kacynski alone in a shack in the mtns. and I don't want to live in the middle of 100 would be nice to be kinda/sorta like a band of gypsies. Or maybe having like a "trail" of camps that you cycle thru all the time.
Am I making any sense ?

My experience is that vandwellers form informal groups for various lengths of time. Often times people will initially meet each other at a gathering like the RTR and then some will break off into smaller groups from there. As far as I know, there's nothing formal about these small bands of vandwellers. But, if you prefer, there are plenty of groups like the Escapees that do have formality and structure to their travels. Personally, I like the losey-goosey groups that vandwellers form, folks coming and going at a whim.

Suanne ... who has had times of whimsy just lately
Nobody travels with Bob, except his dog. People tend to go where he is, because he knows the best places.

The best part about this group is that there is always someone who knows about other places, and can point you toward where to get complete information about a place.
"...Nobody travels with Bob, except his dog.  People tend to go where he is, because he knows the best places..."

I know a number of people who have traveled with Bob for different lengths of time. Not the least of which is a certain someone who traveled up and back to Alaska with him.

People go where he goes because they are friends and/or have been invited. As we all are, at just about any given time.

I've found that through networking through this forum, facebook groups and blogs that I only have to be alone when I want to be.

And even though I've been back in a residential home for almost a year, I've had visitors, here, too.

Some of the WINs (Wandering Individuals Network) and LOWs (Loners on Wheels) travel sporadically in caravans and/or meet up regularly.

Randy, the Mobile Kodger, was traveling loosely with a group of people for quite some time. I don't know if that group is still together. 
People definitely travel with me and all are welcome to join. This summer and last I posted my travel plans and invited all along. Very few ever do.

We tend to winter together because the number of paces to go are so much fewer we gather in the same area. But in the summer we scatter to the winds because we all want to go different places.
I've also found that I have sort of a regular, kind of circular path throughout the course of a year. So, I can expect/hope to see familiar faces en route.
Even though I am mostly a city camper, I tend to run into the same people both at rallies and in the cities.
I was thinking the same thingish Ken. When I get to the point of heading west, I will be posting a general area I will be in or look for posts like Bob had made that included his travel plans. Then I can adjust my plans so as to be able to join/meet them.
The technomadia folks call spontaneous group meetings a 'convergence'. With modern communication it is easy to end up in the same place as your friends once a year of so.
What I love about the Vandwellers here, is that when someone announces a travel route, others on that route will make offers/suggestions for a known safe place to rest.

RTR is a prime example. Being warm while the rest of the country froze was priceless.

I did not mean to say that nobody travels with Bob as a critique, but we are all traveling our own path that parallels many times. People have their own rides. (except our pets, which have us as servants.)