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Full Version: Another Walmart RV Shooting, Salem Oregon
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Unfortunately there are already Walmarts that forbid overnight parking. Confused
First there was no Walmart parking, then there was, then there was no Walmart parking we haven't really lost anything.
(04-25-2015, 01:25 PM)gramakittycat Wrote: [ -> ]Unfortunately there are already Walmarts that forbid overnight parking. Confused

Those are the result of town or county ordinances, not W/M rules.

One W/M at the entrance to Cape Cod had to sign their parking lot for no overnight parking between May 1 and Sept. 30th to keep the town fathers happy. Out of 4 W/M's within 2 hours of me, 1 has no overnight parking - why - town ordinance!

In a lot of cases, it was the nearby RV parks getting up in the face of town council trying to force everybody to pay for an RV spot.

I remember a few years ago, some W/'M executive sent around a memorandum to all the W/M and Sam's Clubs ordering them all to post No overnight parking signs. A couple of the organized RV clubs had their members send in letters and emails of protest and pointing out how much they spend in the immediate area when they stop for the night (gas/dinner out/shopping etc) The W/M executive quickly backed down in the face of the onslaught.
I drove through Cottonwood (AZ) and they have the city ordinance signs that prohibit overnight parking/camping in Walmart now. Plenty of BLM land nearby though. But sadly, this is probably going to become a trend, more restrictive parking ordinances, which will make it harder for urban dwellers.

This is how the Salem shooting ended.  Watch the video to see how the cops do not mess around.  

Extremely professional the way they ripped the bus apart.   Undecided
All I see is a rambling website for a pizza joint....?
I still haven't heard it the RV was his or just a handy place to barricade himself.

Since they went to that specific bus looking for him, I am guessing that it is his.   Huh

LEO has a "neat" little device (ALPR) that they can drive through a parking lot, and it scans the license plates and runs a check on them.  I think that is why most of the members here are not bothered more when parked, they have clean records.   Cool

As they drive slowly through the parking lots a warning will come up if a vehicle has a flag on it. Some places have these mounted on over passes.  I bet every border station is also equipped.

The final chapter of the shooting.  

They still did not say if it belonged to him or his lady friend.  
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