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Full Version: Alian abduction
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Billy Bob Decker and Cletus Mc Coy have been found in a field behind Mr Jim Fraley's house this AM.Billy Bob and Cletus had been missing for the past 4 days and the county rescue squad had searched diligently for either or both of them.Both appeared to be scuffed up somewhat and suffering from mental anguish.When questioned by authorities,neither could remember where they had been and how they got where they were.Cletus said that the last thing he remembered was putting a large nightcrawler on his hook while he and Billy Bob were night fishing for catfish. He remembered having a good string of catfish,before losing contact with reality.Billy Bob reported that Cletus was drunk and therefore an unreliable witness.Billy Bob testified that after Cletus passed out,he looked up and saw a bright object in the sky above them.Assuming this was either a rooshin attack or a extratreds,extresa.....,alien attack,he immediately pulled his pistol to defend himself and Cletus.Alas,(not a word rednecks normally use)He discovered his pistol was empty of live ammo because his granddaughter had shot all the live rounds at one of the coon dogs that had previously bit her.She didn't hit the dog,but you can't expect a 5year old girl to have perfect aim in a crisis situation.Anyway,this giant circular globe desended from the sky and shined a bright light on Billy Bob and he was transformed into a vapor and taken into the alien spaceship.While inside this space craft the aliens performed many sexual experiments on him.After ravishing Billy Bobs body ,the space demons returned him to Loon Lake where Cletus was still passed out.Sheriff Johnson is making arrangements to put both Billy Bob and Cletus under Hipnot....hipnswa hypnosis to delve further into the truth of the situation.Meanwhile,a local girl,Wilma Sue Loudermilk swore she saw Cletus at a local booteggers 2 days before they were found.Cletus was trying to trade moonbeams for a 12 pack of PBR.Film at eleven.
Paragraphs are your friend.
Sounds like Cletus and BillyBob got into some 'shrooms......... Smile

I think I'm gonna love this board.
why do aliens feel the need to travel half way across the universe to investigate the inside of human a-holes? i'd like to hear Niel Degrass Tyson explain that one.
Because they are so interesting?
How come lawyers and politicians are never taken? Mabe the aliens are smarter than we realize?
Maybe they have been taken, and replaced with their own undesirables. Huh
If he does , I don't think I want to see that documentary !! Tongue
Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
It was a weather balloon!
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