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Full Version: Bed Liner before insulation??
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Hi folks. I've just bought a van and I'm doing some research before getting started with the build. I've read many of the threads here about insulation, and it has been hard to draw conclusions with much confidence. I've been a reader of for many years. In building his current rig, he applied bed liner to some parts of his interior walls before insulating. Here are his posts about that:


He used Bed Liner on the outside as well: (He has numerous posts about this but I’ll just include his Van overview, which has some pictures: )

Do you have any thoughts on whether this is something that has benefits?

My question for this thread is strictly about the use of bed liner before insulating, but if you're curious about how he insulated, here are (some of) his posts about that:
Whether or not I'd follow Glenns' route to the letter would depend on how much rust was showing up on the inside of the van. He chose that route rather than cutting out a bunch of bad spots and welding in new metal. To him it was a way of salvaging the 'iffy' parts of the floorboards. He also undercoated the entire underside so that the metal was sandwiched between the bedliner on top and the undercoating on the bottom. To do only one side would still leave the metal exposed and rusting eventually.

It also depends on how much money and time you want to pour into prepping the van.

I've just about reached my patience limit with prepping and am anxious to get on with the stuff that makes me feel like I'm making progress... Big Grin Course part of that is spring fever as well... Rolleyes

Now Monstaliner on the outside is just plain cool..I tried to talk the guy doing the body work on my van into using it instead of rockguard but he had some very good reasons why I shouldn't, including the difficulty removing it if I ever needed work on the lower panels ever again! Stuff is tough!!

Oh and welcome to the forum!