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Full Version: LED Lighting in the Van
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Just a question for all. I am looking to do a small LED light above my bed. Which ones are good. I want the whole van lit but not bright. I'll need enough light to read by. I already got the power source figured out just wanted to see which lights you guys like. Thanks! It maybe someone can point me in the direction of a post already covering this. Thanks!
I have two of these:

They easily light up an 8' camper.  They are dim-able, but the knob is too small.  Could easily read with only one, but like two to eliminate shadows.  -- Spiff
I like these- lights the whole van, can be cut to make two pieces or more

Lady friend has these- they work well

I have a couple of these where I read- they are meant to go in an existing dome light, but I just stuck ''em on the ceiling. I can easily read with one.
I have two.  This one works great, and provides more than enough light to read or work by.

I had this one first, and added the other one.  It is not dimmable, but the spotlight feature is great for directing light to the corners.  I will be moving this to the back to be a work light, and another for lighting the area outside the side doors.
I had been running a portable battery operated LED light up until last week, then I bought a couple different style LED lights to mount inside the van.
I bought a strip type unit with an adhesive strip on the back, another type is considered to be an automotive interior dome light, and finally I got a long strip unit on a swivel, which allows me to to create a subdued light effect when tilted up against the ceiling.
Here's a few pics of the various lighting in use.

The round one is the portable battery operated unit .

This is of the dome light style unit which has 9 leds per fixture, with just one running, and with both on.

And finally the long bar swivel unit in it's outward shining position, and then in subdued mode:

I found so many different options when it came to the cut type strips, and an equal amount in dome light type configurations.
But if you only want to read, a little portable battery powered unit worked fine for me.
Thx guys! This is really great!
Another option is the Luci solar lantern product line.  The various Luci lanterns are inexpensive, and would not require an external power source or other modifications to your vehicle.  They also have the advantage of being completely mobile.  OTOH, you do need to let them recharge in the sun for a few hours a day.  The Luci Original, Luci Outdoors, Luci Lux and Luci Aura are all currently listed as having an output of 50 Lumens, while the Luci EMRG is listed as having an output of 25 Lumens (all output information from the Mpowered 2015 online catalog (PDF alert)).

The Luci solar lantern has its own thread on this forum ("Very Cool Solar Lantern").