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Full Version: Storage Unit Horror Story Your Items aren't safe!
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Sounds like you handled it very well. The couple who manages my storage facility couldn't be nicer or more helpful. And they really do have surveillance videos as well as a triple security system. My unit is an inside unit so it is more secure than an exterior unit. Not as easy to access, though. I didn't keep any furniture but have 'stuff' I can't really discard. Alas.
I go with the suggestion to cut said lock, move your items out, and put on a different red lock. Imagine their surprise when their key does not fit it. or an empty storage unit for that matter! lol priceless Angel
The unit is located in North Carolina. I don't have a problem posting the name of the place on here.

After sending the police officer an email and copying the lady. She agreed to remove their lock for one day to let me get my stuff out.

But then she said if I was there after she would have me arrested for trespassing(bullshit) and that she was doing this as a courtesy(yea right). 

The police officer said cutting the lock was risky and he was not sure if it was legal or not. He suggested not too, but didn't say it was not allowed.

I've got video of the place on my phone and will bad mouth it on reviews once I get my stuff out.
Glad it's being resolved relatively peacefully. I'd definitely put out the word on her shenanigans. Cost her all the revenue possible!
Unless she has filed a lien against you, she has no right to hold your property ransom.

She must have talked with her lawyer.  She has no legal hold on your property in any case even if she has filed charges on you for damages, UNLESS you have not paid rent.   Tongue
I'm with HDR, I got rid of everything and don't have anymore "precious possessions". At first it was hard to let go but now it's freeing. I mean, it's just things. I learned by watching my parents die, beforehand everything was "precious" or "necessary", up till their last minutes I guess. Then, a minute later when it was now all my brother and my problem, it was just "old stuff", and afterwards the second-hand shop donation truck got loaded up...

So I, as an older (60) adult thought about it. I asked my kids what they wanted, "nothing dad, we've got our own stuff" and realized that if I paid to store it, one day my son would open the unit and fill up the donation truck... So that helped me make the decision!

Now not everyone is in the same place or same age, I get that. However, if you are a committed van dweller or minimalist, either get a trailer to haul it around, give it to your kids or get rid of it. Problem(s) solved. No storage unit bills and hassles.
Another story verifying the complication of stuff. Though I'm only a minimalist in spirit, the line is drawn, no storage unit. Attics and friends barns can be a good alternative.
Our choice was to get rid of everything and store nothing. 
Things can happen even with friends/family who have the best intentions.
There's always more stuff if we switch lifestyles.
Here in Missouri I have seen three obsessions.

#1 Riding lawnmowers

#2 BBQ

#3 Auctions.

If you hold an auction, people will fight over things they would not otherwise want.

Sell it all!
Yeah, storing stuff with friends and relatives can result in unfortunate mistakes. All the good faith and trust in the world cannot overcome someone not "in the know" getting rid of something that is laying around and not their own. Of course, Offspring have been known to sell things for quick party cash and nobody ever finds out what happened to that "thing".

Never store stuff in a friends warehouse. I witnessed a guy's stuff just get trashed, and some taken, by people in the business who don't care and haven't the common sense to ask everyone who's stuff this is they should be keeping their hands off of.

If you cannot part with it, You are best off paying a corporation rent, and then having some legal protection. Renters insurance is usually also available too.
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