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Full Version: Storage Unit Horror Story Your Items aren't safe!
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I'll add three things, first, use Yelp, BBB or whatever social media review postings you can, giving them bad reviews. People read those and it will hurt the business. Second, anyone can pay a lawyer to write a threatening letter, doesn't make it correct. Third, anyone can claim they will call the police, charge you, whatever. Yes they can, doesn't mean they will win. You(OP) already have contacted the police and it sounds like they are on your side, at the present. I wouldn't worry about what she "threatens" to do. It's like the old saying, "here's a quarter, call someone who cares". However, take her "generosity", pull your things and then let fly online with a factual review. That's the best you can do (other than get rid of things later).

I'm saying, so much of what we own is just "junk", at least to others who will end up with it. You do need to keep a box or two of momentos and legal/tax files, (that's even scary since your back tax records have all your identifying info on them). Try to electronically scan these paper things and keep them on a couple different flash drives or storage devices or "the cloud".

With the advances in 3D printers, heck, my moms antique walnut rocker can probably be 3D printed some day... Saves me carrying it in the van!
All good suggestions. I finally got my stuff out of there and took photo and video of the place.

I put up a bad review on Yelp and wrote reviews on ans But these sites require you to wait till they approve the review.

I have a feeling (where I found the unit) and won't post the bad reviews since the storage companies pay these companies to advertise for them and process reservations. We'll see.

Any other links or places I can get the bad reviews of this place out there.
Google does reviews, other social media, BBB for sure!!
Not to be picky but, they are more like a broker so to speak.

Can you say where the actual facility is that you had the trouble is at? That would have more meaning to anyone that might be so inclined to use them.

Also Facebook, amazing how S**t spreads on it!
It was Economy Storage in Raleigh NC on Trinity Rd.
While I was reading this the only thing I could think of was "maybe they did that dent to get your stuff" and "maybe other people have similar stories to you rv's". Who knows. Might be my imagination, or maybe they steal people's stuff by evicting them.
unrelated but Chancebond I just saw you graduated from HS. congrats. now back to your regular thread. carry on. highdesertranger
This has been said on this forum before, but it's worth repeating: Regarding storage, friends and family are the worst. They mean well, but I've heard and seen first hand several horror stories. If someone takes your stuff without your permission, that is criminal. Police officers can then legally do something about it. They may not do something about it, because, honestly, it is hard to find stuff that has been stolen.

OR if you give permission to allow someone to hold your stuff, but that person decides not to give it back, that is a civil matter. Yes, depriving one of one's property is theft, but that alone doesn't determine if the matter is criminal or civil. In this example, you have engaged in a verbal contract. You have agreed to allow your friend/family to take physical control of your stuff, but did not specify how long. It is not up to law enforcement make a decision how long the contract should last. Since you didn't put in writing how long your friend/family should keep your stuff, that becomes a matter for a judge to decide how long the civil contract should've lasted.

I had a situation where a roommate decided to disallow me to move my stuff after she had me arrested for trespassing in my apartment. I wanted my social security card, birth certificate, pictures- stuff that was obviously and irrefutably mine. To their credit law enforcement tried, but could not get my stuff back. I had to go to court to get my stuff back, but the judge ruled that nothing could be done. So I broke into my old apartment and stole my stuff. I will NEVER willingly allow someone have that much control over me.

If I can't carry it, it goes bye-bye. Better than going to jail; I'm much too pretty for that. (Please refer to my avatar to substantiate my claim of prettiness.)   Sleepy
This kind of experience can make someone feel against every self-storage facilities as it is a facility we trust someone without our possessions. But, It is definitely not like that everywhere. I have been using a self storage unit at Jiffy Storage in Toronto for years. Not only that they provide great service, the owner is a good friend of mine. You just need to find a reliable place. May be you can test a new place’s trustworthiness by storing less important items for a few weeks or months before storing important items. I tried that before getting my self storage unit years back. I got lucky first time, but not everyone will be that lucky.  
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