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Full Version: Storage Unit Horror Story Your Items aren't safe!
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This kind of experience can make someone feel against every self-storage facilities as it is a facility we trust someone without our possessions. But, It is definitely not like that everywhere. I have been using a self storage unit at Jiffy Storage in Toronto for years. Not only that they provide great service, the owner is a good friend of mine. You just need to find a reliable place. May be you can test a new place’s trustworthiness by storing less important items for a few weeks or months before storing important items. I tried that before getting my self storage unit years back. I got lucky first time, but not everyone will be that lucky.  
Just met a couple who put stuff they couldn't bear to part with in a storage unit, left in their rv, and came back 2 years later to find it had been broken into and ransacked. Trouble was, after paying $250 a month for two years, they had grown so detached from the stuff they stored that they couldn't tell what or if anything had been stolen. They narrowed the stuff in the locker down to one trunk of photos and memorabilia that is stored in his brother's basement and sold the rest, but did not make their $6000 in storage fees back.
(05-31-2015, 12:01 PM)One Awesome Inch Wrote: [ -> ]You could scan or photoshop some lawyer's office letterhead on to a piece of paper. Then write a strongly worded letter threatening legal action. Considering the cost of mounting a defence any sane person would just give you your stuff. Cost to you = $0.
Cost to you.... some serious legal trouble! Don’t follow that advice.....
I had stuff stored with family and it was redistributed to the next generation already ( hey I'm still here!) also have a storage unit which I agree is a total waste of money. I have the goal of no rent and storage unit is rent. But I will have to say that I have always been treated well at the storage place.     ~crofter
quite a bit of very bad information and suggestions in the above posts.

even if you have been wronged, not many states allow you to arbitrarily damage their property to reclaim what you claim is yours ie cutting the lock and taking your stuff. that could end up getting you in much more trouble than you want to deal with and making you look like the criminal complicating your task of getting your stuff back

and as for faking a letter from an attorney, probably not as bad as pretending to be a cop and pulling people over but there are jurisdictions out there that fraud like that will land you in jail. for more than the weekend if you get my drift

storage is such a huge business that most states have very specific regulation on what can and cant be done. the tenant does not generally have the same protections as someone renting a room or house. no eviction process and such. the best thing you can do is research the laws for your state and perhaps county/city to see what rights you have. if they are violating your rights you may have to file a civil case against them locally

it sux this happened to you, but in general the laws have been put in place to protect the storage companies. shure they can be making bank on your "stuff" but they take it in the shorts everytime someone abandons a storage unit full of crap that gets auctioned of for $20
I have had storage units now and again over the years but never once have I had any problems at any of them.
The world is not perfect. Stuff happens.

I have never had a theft or damage problem with commercial storage units.

Nowadays storage comes with electronic secure card access and CCTV.

One in NJ required my PIN to exit, as well as to enter.
I would not rent from place requiring code to get out.
My storage unit company "requires" each person to have proof of insurance, which will help alleviate a lot of issues. Luckily, my condo insurance covers what's in my unit. They do have locked gates, tall perimeter fences, and security cameras.
My 2 cents
I downsized. Moved my favorite things to my sons. 8 months later he lost his lease. We took our stuff to storage while we looked for a little affordable place. He stayed at a friends, me in my car . 2 months later half stolen, dealt with insurance, cops, looking for my guitars on line, so stressful.
Still heartbroken.they took 40 years of family photos in plastic bins but left the tv. They took all my clothes, coats, dresses, shoes.
Crack heads.

Today my pack and duffel was stolen from my roof rack in broad daylight in a "safe area" parking lot outside a decent restaurant. I was there 30 minutes. Cut all my bungies. I usually take the stuff down and put in in the car when I park some place, movie, concert, long hike but today I did not.
Crack heads. All my clothes I had left from the previous storage unit robbery. My uggs, my hiking boots, my fleece and sweatshirts. My t shirts I got on my travels..I am now so broke I have no idea how I will get clothes again. I'm a girl, shopping takes time, years to have good quality items.

I have no trust in the human race at all. I've been cheated on by my partner, let down and lied to by family, now crack heads.
I really am a kind empathetic strong smart women, but now life has beated me down again and I have to climb back up once again.

Sorry, venting. No one to talk to about this.
Tired of being on guard. Is there anyplace to live where people are kind and honest?
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