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Full Version: Renogy panels
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I ordered 4 new panels yesterday from ebay.Went with the returned/unused panels for $112 with free shipping.I don't need them now,but I will this winter,depending how long I am on the road.
Got the new panels today and have to say the quality looks good.Much better than the solar fennels.I especially like the large flange on the back of the frame.I will have them up and producing tomorrow if the weather co-operates.
What are solar fennels?
A brand name.Trust me,you don't want any.
They have a rather seedy reputation.... Big Grin

Which Renogy panels did you get, Bob: monocrystalline or polycrystalline?  If your system will use a PWM charge controller (and if you have room for them, as they're somewhat larger), the polycrystalline panels are more suitable.  For a system using an MPPT charge controller, the unusually-high Vmp of the monocrystalline panels makes them a better fit.
I just got Renogy panels in the mail the other day too :-D
I got poly panels.Looks like they produce about 5% more amps at maximum production.I use 8 pwm controllers for 24 100 watt panels.I think I won't be buying any more panels as this is already somewhat of an overkill.I can bring my 12 Deka batteries back to full charge in about 3 hrs. on a sunny day.For traveling I move 3 panels to the camper and have 2 wallyWorld 125 ah batteries.All of my panels are on tiltable mounts,which really helps production.