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Full Version: Mylar Backing Against metal, Spark Risk?
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Has anyone heard of the mylar backing on polyiso being a spark risk when applied to metal walls? My father mentioned this...

I was thinking when applying the polyiso to face the mylar toward the metal walls to help reflect heat, but if it is going to make little difference, I will face it toward the interior?
Without an air space it does no good so if you aren't leaving an air gap next to the wall it'll be better toward the inside.
Thanks Bob... Much appreciated.
the only way mylar can cause a spark is by static electricity or to come into contact(short) with electrical connections. but then a lot of things could cause a static spark even plastic. that's why they tell you to fill plastic gas cans out of your vehicle on the ground. but like bob said without an air gap it does no good to face it out. highdesertranger