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Full Version: 350 watt RV air conditioner - could it work?
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From Pinterest camping ideas I saw this. Looks like it is only available in Europe???? But says it draws only 350W? Thought some of the tecinically minded might want to weigh in on if this could work for small spaces like vans and off of a house battery?
220V 50Hz single phase units for EU only. You may be able to run one on a 208/240V circuit here, but probably would need an isolation transformer for the neutral...

I'd also bet these are 5,000 BTU or less, so you are better off with a $150 window shaker from Home depot then a $900 unit from the UK that still needs to be shipped here and then the electrical issues dealt with.
That is so cool and a 100w less than the high efficiency window shaker. So much better than that hot exhaust hose that portables use. It is expensive considering the alternative. Then again it's pretty slick and not aimed at bargain hunters. More elegant than the window shaker and easier to run off of solar if it came in a US version.

I was trolling ebay and searched 2500 and 3000 BTU air conditioners. I came up with a few electrical room units and it made me think they might be big enough for a van. I never really got past that point but i know they exist.
You could run it off of a pure sign wave inverter aimed at the european market (240v 50hz). Make sure it can handle the startup load.
I just checked out transformers, which is what you would need to run off of 110 volt in North America. They are about $40 to $50. I like Blars' idea of using a European inverter, but inverters are expensive. Transformers are one of the most efficient machines made at about 98% efficiency. That would use about 7 watts or so on top of the 350 watts, which is very good. Yes, the AC is unit is expensive, but having extra batteries or solar or generator to operate a larger AC unit costs money, too. Having an AC unit at less than 400 watts is great. It might not make your place cool, but it would certainly take the edge off. I would certainly appreciate that during the brutal summer heat; a guy will do almost anything to cool down when it's 100+ degrees, so the cost is relative. Or if you have pets that must have cooler temps.

The smallish size also helps; every square inch matters. It also isn't roof mounted, so no clearance or leaking/pooling issues. And it doesn't take up roof space for solar.

I bet damaging the umbilical cord would be easy. Looks fragile.

Ideally, you would want to be able to run it at night as well, but that would require a larger battery bank. But if you insulated a small space well, it might run only periodically at night, so the amount of energy needed to take the edge off might not be as much as one would think. You could drape a blanket over your bed (like making a fort) and just cool that little area or somehow block off a smaller sleeping area. If it used a total of 500 watts over a 10 hour night, that would totally be doable. At the least it could run full blast during the day when you needed it the most.

I like it overall. Thanks for the info. Lots of us have scoured the Internet but haven't found this unit.