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Full Version: Here's aTip
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Whenever you see a name followed by Wildlife Refuge, such as Kofa Wildlife Refuge or name followed by Recreation Area, such as Carbella Recreation Area. These almost always are free camping. Some have tables, fire sites and pit toilets. I have stayed on the Yellowstone River in Montana at the Carbella site for several days at no charge. Heaven!
Support wildlife, throw a party!
Recreation areas yes, but I don't think I've ever seen camping at wildlife refuges.
Many Refuges do allow camping but it may be seasonal, etc. For example, for some in Middle Tennessee the website gives a phone number and says you must call to check on what is currently allowed.

I don't know how many states do this, but I have learned within the last few months that Missouri has a TON of "conservation areas" (most likely set up for hunters). The great thing is that most all of them have a place to camp and they are FREE. So check what each state you are going to might have to offer --- but may be called a different name. Calling your state fish and wildlife office could probably get you those answers.
Just back in Yuma after 6 mo. camping and traveling. I camped on wildlife refuges in 9 western state. Some I visited prohibited overnight camping but many more did not.
On a side note I had a conversation with Bob about a week ago concerning interaction with government folks when camped on public land. One thing I would encourage you to do is to disclose as little about yourself to them as you can. Remember, you are on a camping trip, not living on public property. If you are staying on public land for multiple days try to make your camp look like vacation setup, think blend in. Don't mention that you live on BLM land near Q or anywhere else, for the winter regardless of where you are when interacting with government. Unfortunately, most of these folks are not our friends.