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I hate city traffic so I am always trying out detours around it.
Sooooooo , I'm starting this thread so we can share some we have found.
I'll start off with a couple in Texas.

Houston TX.
I go north through Lake Conroe.
Some really UN-Texas like country that I never expected to find on my first trip through.

Dallas Fort Worth TX.
I go south through Corsicanna.
Cotton fields and horse ranches.
avoid I5 from Sacramento to Los Angles. jump over to the east side of the sierras, and take US 395. highdesertranger
Going north/south through Victoria, TX. Take the big loop 77/59. Fields and forests.

I live in Conroe!! Don't tell everybody about how pretty it is and there's no traffic!!!


But you're right. From Austin I take 105 across, just to get away from I-10.

Bama Duke
Now , that's what I was talkin' about. Keep 'em comin' folks !
Maybe Bob will make this thread a sticky ????

Bama Duke
Sorry Bud it had to come out sooner or later! Rolleyes
I was so surprised the first trip through there , I thought I might have gone through some kind of space/time portal and been transported thousands of miles away , I surely couldn't have still been in Texas Huh
I've lived in San Antone and Pecos and love that Texas but Conroe was sure a nice change.
I really liked Corsicanna too. Anywhere Texas is way better to me than any city Texas...................
pamerica's recent post got me thinking about this thread again , especially the comments about El Paso........ Huh Idea

Eastbound on I-10 in New Mexico
A few miles before the Texas line take State Route 404 east to......
State Route 213 south over the Texas line to.....I-375 loop which bypasses El Paso on the east side back to I-10 .

Westbound - read the directions backward ! Rolleyes
Wow, does a Maine guy wind up living in Pecos, TX? Of all places.
Speaking of Corsicana, did you know that is where The Collin Street Bakery is headquarted? Makers of world famous fruitcakes and other goodies. Some of my family lived there at one time.

That detour at El Paso sounds better than the narrow lanes on I-10 going through.
Pecos , I don't knowwwwwwww. Yeah , I do. There's an Escapees campground there !
I really enjoyed it there , right next door to a helicopter repair place and the city zoo too...
Kinda grew on me. Stayed there many times .

I was just passing through Corsicana bypassing DFW but did stop in town for grocs.
I def would have stopped at the bakery if Ida seen it !
That was some nice country .......used the detour more than once after I found it too.

Oh yeah , after quitting the music biz my greatest desire was to go to all those places I had to drive right by because of the damn itinerary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10-05-2016, 06:22 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: [ -> ]Pecos , I don't knowwwwwwww. Yeah , I do.  There's an Escapees campground there !
I really enjoyed it there , right next door to a helicopter repair place and the city zoo too...
Kinda grew on me. Stayed there many times .
Ohhh...I stayed at a truck stop in Pecos last night.  I should have looked at Escapees as I am a member.  I would have liked that, darn it.  And I did pass the zoo was 90 degrees though and did not want to leave my kitty in the van while I checked out the other critters.  I like this thread, thanks.  Also, I was looking for a detour around Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Is the one mentioned in this thread at least somewhat populated?  This Texas is HUGE and a whole lot of open land between exits.   So too, New Mexico.
On I 45 South of Corsicana TX take  State Rd 14 down to Mexia in Freestone county especially at peach picking time, local orchard, family run picks each morning.  Also fresh tomatos, cukes, squash.  When I left in 2005 everything was $1 a pound.  

Stay on 14 to Groesbeck in Limestone county.  Ft Parker State Park is on/off? 14, lottsa Texas history there.  Downtown are Antique and thrift stores.  Cattle Auction Barn Cafe has great chicken fried steak.  If you stay on 14 thru the light at the Dairy Queen, just a little ways  was one of the best road side B-B-Q joints on the left side of 14 if southbound.  Order by the pound or so and eat off of butcher paper at the table good sides and deserts if I remember correctly.   

    Sad     Now I really am home sick!

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