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Full Version: my second house is a tent
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Here we have a link for those that care abour quality camping, when my steel tent becomes a drag I get into my civil war era military tent Panther makes just about the best tents available
I've been in a Coleman tent all summer and have been thinking how a tipi would stand up to the wind better. I see that panther makes tipis I will have to check them out!
the only problem with tents is the set up and take down. I have a military tent and it's great. it's roomy, and can handle weather, I have a wood stove for it. so I can be in shorts and a tee shirt when it's in the single digits. however it takes at least three people to set up, I guess 2 could do it but it would be a lot of work. in the manual it says 6 people to set up. I use the poles for my tarps, great poles heavy duty aluminum. so I am not anti tent I just don't find them practical. highdesertranger
here are some pics.
setting up
it's up
a little overnight dusting,  notice the stove pipe.
because these guys no longer go with me I don't use this tent anymore, they have all moved on families and such. now I do have a small tent but I only use it in extreme weather like heavy rain or snow.  highdesertranger
Whoa, HDR,
Those pics are like a flashback to the opening of M.A.S.H. (the TV series). Your tent is military from which war??? LOL
unlike a lot of you I am not stealthy and stay in one local for the entire time out 2-3 weeks sometimes a month then it's back to the barracks and off to work. 2 days per week and paying thr mortgage hope to sell sometime soon and move out of San Francisco 60 years is a long time... Very cool tenting Highdesert