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Full Version: Perforated Window Vinyl (Window Perf) Review
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A few months ago I put white window perf on a couple windows to check it out for semi privacy.

Here is my review...
Cuts some bright sun.
Provides reasonable privacy.
Van looks white, rather than black tint windows.
Looks good and easy to apply.
Not very costly.

Hard to see detail from inside (like reading signs, etc).
Gathers water when it rains (window looks iced over, can't see out).

The problem of the perf holding water can be cured by adding opti-clear, a sheet of vinyl that goes on over the perf. I can only say that I was too cheap to take that step for this trial.
Not sure at this point that we will keep it in the long run, but it was worth a try for us.
I'd never thought of that as an option, pretty cool idea.
Thanks much for that review. To avoid the water build up, could you apply the perf on the inside?
(08-30-2015, 10:05 AM)Suanne Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks much for that review.  To avoid the water build up, could you apply the perf on the inside?

I thought it went on the inside.  I have never seen one on the outside.
The back side is sorta slate black. Its designed to go on the outside, usually with graphics.
Here's a pic from inside on a cloudy day....
The same shot with water on it...
Bindi&us, thanks for the review - do you wish to share where you got it and how much a window your size can cost?

Thanks, Brent
Sure, I got it at a graphics shop in Tucson last spring. Call aroundto a few shops, as I got a wide spread on prices. I paid $1.25 a sq. ft. Spent about $25. Did long window behind driver and 2 on the side barn doors. 
Still have 1/3 of it left that I had planned for the back barn doors but Margie wants to cover those with decals/stickers.
Thanks - less expensive than I thought. By the way our ambulances put it on the outside of the windows with lighter color facing out.

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