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Full Version: Harbor Freight Quality, Comparisons
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(08-31-2015, 08:59 PM)K1ngN0thing Wrote: [ -> ]... $6 machete.

Anyone have experience with using tools like that machete from Harbor Freight? Are their items like this sturdy enough to work and hold up for a few years?
I've had hit and miss with tools from harbor freight.

I've had a box cutter (nice one something x series) with a lifetime warranty. it completely fell apart after 3 months. how was the warranty well the stores no longer sold them so I would have to send it to them to get replaced. spend just as much or more to replace the item under warranty than it cost.

the cheap 10 buck flashlights seem to have held up. where I work we use them quite often. i first didn't think a 3watt led light would work but they work great for seeing address's at night. they work good but they might not hold up to abuse. I don't abuse my stuff but I lent them out one came back with a broken lens and the other well it never came back. they charge quick though.

also gotten a 3 gallon compressor (low end but worked for my needs), and air tank (still have yet to take it out of the box after like two years), great 2 ton low profile floor jack thats work great for me for a couple of years.

I've also gotten a bunch of odd and end tools, some are great some are ok. all more or less cheap to free so I can't complain.

when I get stuff done to my van and such and can get my fence on my house to have a gate on the one side I want to buy one of their trailers.
After being sorely disappointed in machetes from all the local box stores, including HF, I went to the MidwayUSA website, and ordered the
"Schrade Machete 21" Black Oxide Coated Stainless Steel Blade Rubber Handle Black"

Got it yesterday, and man, this is the ticket!  A thicker heavier-duty blade than the flimsy ones from the locals, a nice rubber handle providing a sure grip, and a very nice nylon sheath.  Big belt loop, but I will add a Molle Strap to it to make it easier to put on without undoing my belt.  It has more of a Bowie style tip, and isn't too long  - perfect for cutting brush in the back forty and for general camp duties.  14.85" blade of 3Cr13 stainless steel.  $19.99 & SHIPS FREE with $25 Orders.   Cool

[Image: 1z5rxah.jpg]

[Image: 4rox0n.jpg]
Sinbad, is that you? Wink
You get what you pay for at HF. Some of the stuff isn't that accurate, or last forever, if that's what you want there are places to get it.

I have a table and chop/radial arm saw from them. They will drive you nuts trying to make anything really nice with them. They have been wonderful at making the crates I ship peoples art in.

The free or cheap meters are nice, but i would suggest you check them against something you know is correct.

I love the little blue LED lights with the magnet and hook. We used four of those our first trip boondocking in this trailer and thought we were in heaven. A few switches have gone bad but it is what it is. You toss it and pick up another.

I did buy a pair of 9 inch and 18 inch wire cutters hoping they would stay good long enough for my install. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the cashier told me they had a lifetime warranty so if anything happened they would replace them even without the receipt. I could help but snip off a piece of 1/0 when I got home. Those 9 inch went through it like butter with my big hands. Honey will use the 18 inch set when I need help.

I was thinking of a machete, thanks for the review.
The harbor freight machete's definitely on the flimsy side. The handle's pretty cheap plastic and screwed in from one side. Blade feels a little dull too. Wouldn't recommend for serious work, but it's definitely intimidating.
I do have some Harbor Freight tools, and have not had one break yet.  My hydraulic motorcycle jack is still going strong after several years and a lot of use.  Ditto their motorcycle tire machine.  Gotten lots of use from both with my bike and several buddy's bikes.   I use their air hammer set, and their sockets and wrenches.  Only thing I found to fail after awhile was their multiple LED flashlight set.  Of the ten, four had to be stripped and rebuilt after adjustment, and all failed within months.  But they were cheap, no great loss.
Nowadays though, I go to Tractor Supply Store as they are on my side of town, while HF is across town.  When I worked HF was convenient to my job location.
Seems to me I have heard that if you open one of the HF meters up that there is a means to adjust it.
well it sounds like you want to hear a rant. lol. I will not shop Harbor Freight. basically their stuff is junk. not to mention by buying all this junk from China is just propping up their terrible government. you do realize there is no free speech in China many of those who speak out are imprisoned and forced into forced labor to make things to sell to stupid Americans. there is also child labor in China, there is also what most people call slave labor. paying pennies a hour to make cheap junk to sell to the Americans. how about them propping up North Korea, boy there is a great place. what about what they have done in Tibet how does your support of them make you feel about that. btw my use of the words your and you in this post is meant for the general public not to anybody in particular. oh one other thing, how about their environmental record beside taking advantage of their poor they totally thrash their and the worlds environment. ok rant over. highdesertranger
Sharpening that HF machete should be easy.  Just use a medium file and work it a bit at a time both sides, then finish on a medium grit stone.  No need for a razor edge.
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