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During the depression, hobos used to use a bit of chalk to post marks that only other hobos would understand.  It was, in a sense, a semi-secret language.

The marks would indicate things like:

Camp Here

Unsafe Place

Authorities Are Alert

Kind Woman Lives Here

Doctor Here Will Treat You For Free

Police Here Hate Hobos

and so on.  Here's some examples, if you are interested, a Google search on "Hobo Signs Meanings"  will turn up a lot more.

I'm thinking seriously about putting this mark on my rig, when I get it . . . Angel

Anyway, I was thinking it might be fun to revive a dozen or so of these and start using them again:

Safe to Stay Here

Unsafe To Stay Here

Cops Will Hassle You Here

and a few more.

Anyone else like that idea?

We, as vandwellers, sure do not want is to be accused of leaving graffiti at physical locations, right?

Did you have another way in mind?

I think that if people wanted to post about specific locations that are safe or heavily patrolled (whatever the hobo signs are), then maybe a separate section of the forum could be dedicated to that and people could leave notes filed by state or city and state, etc.

Regarding the gun symbol, some others on the forum who carry have pointed out that sometimes things like NRA stickers just serve to advertise which van to rob when the owner is away. If you want it as a personal logo, though, it might be safe. Not very many would know what it means.
(09-09-2015, 10:06 AM)WriterMs Wrote: [ -> ]We, as vandwellers, sure do not want is to be accused of leaving graffiti at physical locations, right?

Has anyone ever told you that you can be a real killjoy? Smile

Personally, I wouldn't think of a couple of chalk lines as "graffiti".  At least, not compared to the elaborate spray can "people's art" paint jobs you usually see when someone is complaining about graffiti.

I have to agree with WriterMs!

Unless it's children doing artwork in sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk, it's graffiti!

And we wonder why vandwellers get a bad rap in some areas... Rolleyes

Now putting decals or painting on your own vehicle, well that's up to you!

Maybe I'll have 'mean woman' on my van... Angel
IMO a Beware of Dog sticker is much more effective than a Protected by S&W sign.  Plus, it suggests an active deterent inside.

BTW, we lived near a railroad tracks when I was young and I saw chalk drawings on telephone poles, fence posts, mailboxes, etc.  Used to have men come by asking for a meal or to sleep in the barn too.

-- Spiff
My mom probably had the mean woman mark on our place somewhere.  She gave a guy that was hungry an onion sandwich (hey, we were poor).  That was the only hobo to stop.
I like the idea, but the chalkboard would have to be a location on the internet. When I was a kid 50+ years ago, door to door salespeople would put rubber bands on the fence if they made a sale, (to let other sales people know the house was easy). Chalk and rubber bands can easily be removed.
There would also have to be some sort of a way to monitor the reliability of the poster, (kind of like Ebay does for their sellers). Someone could post this is a safe place to park, then you are arrested and your vehicle is towed. The posting person may have been the tow yard owner, and the Sheriff his brother in law.
(09-09-2015, 10:42 AM)Almost There Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe I'll have 'mean woman' on my van... Angel

I think that keeping some of these symbols alive and in use - even if only on our own vehicles - can be a nice gesture of respect for the people who, in  a sense, were our spiritual ancestors.

Though to be fair, you are only a hobo if you are looking for and willing to work.  A tramp is someone who will only work if forced to.  A bum is someone who won't work at all.

Since I am retired and plan to NEVER work again, I suppose that, technically, I am a bum.

But I was born in Brooklyn, so I'm comfortable being identified as a bum! Tongue

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