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Full Version: floor mat type thing while boondocking?
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I am thinking of rigging up a canvas drop cloth to use as a kind of mat while boondocking. I mean I can always just throw out a tarp and say "hey there we go!". But I think that would make a bit of noise. Has anyone done this? Or am I just crazy?
There are specific mats made for RV'ng which no matter what you're driving or sleeping in, is basically the same thing as what we do.

Canvas will kill any grass that's growing where you place the canvas. It also won't shed water well and will weigh a ton if you have to pack it wet. A regular tarp turns into a good slip and slide when wet...don't ask me how I know that... Rolleyes

Here's a link to a whole bunch of the mats on Amazon:

Pick your size and pattern! Some people buy larger and cut it in two. The ground stakes aren't totally necessary, a rock on each corner or anything else that will weigh it down will work as well.

They shed water, allow the grass to live and pack small.
0.o I never knew there was such a thing.... I wonder if harbor freight sells something like this.
You can find them at most garden departments, like Wally's. Some are labeled beach mats rather than RV.
We also use a plastic grid at the door to scuff our feet off.
As a Kid my Dad and I camped and fished.  He found these runner mats that were used in businesses that had tile floors for when it was winter slush weather.  People always tracked that into stores and it made a mess.
These 4 ft wide by 8 ft long mats had a thin carpet pile on one side which gave shoppers a grip on slick floors.

Most businesses changed them from year to year and Dad found a few and brought them home.  So we would
lay them out under the umbrella Tent to protect the floor of the Tent from anything on the ground that would
cut the heavy canvas.   We had one for the front of the Tent also that was covered by the door cover that served as an awning.   These were rolled up and tied and stowed in the small utility trailer we towed behind the
Station Wagon  back then.  

Later Dad sold the trailer and station wagon and got the Van that we used afterwards.  We kept the carpet runners but only used one at a time.  Left the others back home. But it was nice having beside the Van
with the dining fly next to the Van.

I would imagine that if a Guy found a building being torn down that had a rubber roof,  he could get enough to make a 5 X 7 mat and find a 5 X 7 piece of area carpet to lay atop that.
Some sort of carrying bag would be nice for when you have to store it.
I have the short plastic green "grass" carpet from the home improvement store. I can hose it off as needed and when it gets too shabby, toss it and buy another one. I think the 6X8 cost $20. It is split lengthwise into two 3X8 pieces (or is it 10 ft long?). I think the two pieces will be more convenient for me as opposed to a larger single piece.
This place has a bunch of choices:
a couple of years ago Big Lots had small rugs like the RV matts they were like 10 bucks. I almost bought a couple. you might want to check stores like that. about 15 years ago a buddy of mine got a bunch sheets of Neoprene the type they make heavy wet suits out of. they are about 4"x6" I have 2 left. I use these. they are the best thing I have found. they are soft, waterproof, and surprisingly tough. I wish I would have kept all the ones I got. highdesertranger
I carry a canvas painter's tarp and use it all the time. I stake it down with some 12" roofing nails. Both are very cheap, take up little space, and can be found at any big hardware store. The tarps can be hosed down or run through a washing machine, or just toss it and get a new one when it's sufficiently trashed.
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