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Full Version: Chiropractors on the road?
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So I ended up going to my regular chiropractor today - something locked up in my sacroiliac and was causing pain and weakness in my left leg.

Which has me wondering what I'm going to do when I hit the road?

Can you just find the nearest chiropractor and go in and request an adjustment?

I know the first time I went to a chiropractor, many years ago, with serious back pain, he wouldn't touch me until after I had an Xray.

Anyone else here go to a chiropractor regularly?  How do you handle it on the road?

Most chiropractors can take their own x-rays

but you could start collecting copies of the ones they have of you, (for a fee of course), and just carry those along with you.

I'm a big believer in healthy habits, and getting proper exercise. (just ask Bindi&us)
Some years ago, I completely blew out my back, and was bed ridden for a month & a half! The doctors wanted to cut my back open and fuse my disks.

So Doc...what are my other options??
Take better care of yourself. DO NOT lift & twist. Wear a back brace when doing any heavy work. If you feel your back acting up...QUIT whatever it is that you're doing!
I've had a few times throughout the years that I paid the price for not heeding this advice, but I've never gone under the knife, and have no need to see a chiropractor (even though we have a very good one in the family).

Walk, swim, get some exercise, don't overeat, and most importantly...treat your body with the love & respect it deserves. It's the only one you're gonna get!
I have gone to chiropractors in NC, TN, GA. I get copies of the x-rays and carry them with me. They generally still want to take their own. The one I went to in Albany GA (Gentle Chiropractic) did not take an X-ray. Get copies of your x-rays anyway. That way they can see if things have changed for the worse or if there is a real problem.

My problem with chiropractors is that some only take new patients at certain times of the month. Other never take new patients. The last chiropractor I tried to see in NM wanted me to wait a month for a "new patient appointment". I told them never mind. It takes me time but I can usually get my back shifted mostly back into place by my self after several days.

I am thinking of getting some sacral blocks from Amazon as it tends to be my hips that causes the most pain. I also have C3-C4 and T1-T3 give me problems at times. So I will probably get a cervical neck roll support to use in conjunction with the sacral blocks. Gentle Chiropractic only used the sacral blocks and a cervical neck roll on me. The relief was amazing. You can buy books that will teach you how to take care of your back/neck. Check with your current chiro for suggestions. Explain you are going to be in the position at time when getting to a chiro will be impossible. If no recommendations, go to Amazon and read the book reviews.

And lay in a supply of BioFreeze
Exercise. Watch your weight or do calorie counting to reduce it. Stretch. Move.
Don't know if you have tried one or not but a TENS unit can give you a lot of relief.
(09-18-2015, 02:49 PM)Bob Dickerson Wrote: [ -> ]Don't know if you have tried one or not but a TENS unit can give you a lot of relief.
A TENS unit is for after you get your back in place. This is the one I have. I found mine at Wal-Mart (they only had one and it took months to restock the one) and they do not have the replacement pads either. the pads last about 6 months and then stop sticking to your skin. Helpful when I sprained my ankle falling down the entry steps of the bus.

I forgot to mention how much I love doing my yoga!!!

Keeps me flexible, and in alignment. (and hopefully in a spiritual peaceful place.)  Smile