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Full Version: Workamping and stealth campers
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I am working on my application with workamper news and am stuck at the last two tabs.
"sell yourself" and "photo's
sell yourself- I am not a writer and have not filled out a resume for 25 years. but I will give it a try.
However "photo's...
 Will prospective employers be scared away by the stealth camper?
Really depends on the place, the KOA where we lived in ABQ had that ten year Rule and were really persnickety about appearances. The state park in Illinois we frequented didn't care a bit.

I will say, presenting yourself as not looking like an ax murderer and having your rig look a few steps up from the Jodes seems to help.
They may not know it's a stealth camper unless you tell them. That's the point, right? No one knows you're stealth. It's a custom camper van.
I look more like an axe murderer than anyone I know and I'm barely one step above the Jodes. The Jodes might argue that I'm one step below!! Tongue

My suggestion is to be done with RVers and apply for jobs at National Forest campgrounds. There, looking like you are a guy who loves nature is a good thing and you won't be judged by your pocket book or how much you conform to societies rules of fashion.

They let me do it for 4 years and would be glad to have me back today. You'll be paid for every hour you work and you'll get a free campsite.

But there are no jobs in the winter, so you'll have to hang on until spring.
Nah, Bob, slightly eccentric uncle, maybe, but not ax murderer.   Big Grin
(09-20-2015, 08:34 PM)cyndi Wrote: [ -> ]  It's a custom camper van.

I like that!
(09-20-2015, 11:00 PM)akrvbob Wrote: [ -> ] 
My suggestion is to be done with RVers and apply for jobs at National Forest campgrounds.  

  That's what I put on the application. 

Currently I am in Tulsa,OK at cherry hill mobile home/RV community doing lawn care, Fixing broke RV sewer hook up's and the like. I can hang on till the 2016 season. 
But no more mobile home/RV communities for me.
a Mobile Home community???

Good Heavens!!!