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Full Version: News Item - NYC workers living in cars
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Hundreds of full time city workers in New York City are living in homeless shelters - or in their cars - because, despite the fact that they earn more than $30,000 a year, they can't afford an apartment in NYC.

Here that hasn't been uncommon in the resort towns for a long time. The workers commute long distance or chose to be homeless closer in and save the gas money. Anymore the rents in Denver have gotten so high that it is causing the same issues here and with the housing boom going again, there are not many lower income apartments being built. Already have a affordable place? Don't bet they wont kick you out to raise the rent or more likely sell it off as a condo.

So in the summer there are lots of people that live up in the hills to save rent. I see lots of RVs at the local parking lots and walmarts. Often I recognize the same rigs for months. In the winter I don't know if the propane would be cheaper than rent or not. Even down here we get - 20 cold snaps that last weeks.
Welcome to America.   Angry

Not to be political, but I only see one way to correct this.  Actual change.
I saw a Sci-Fi short on this topic once. All the service workers had given up and moved back to the country to live on subsistence farming and start their own, independent economies. The wealthy, city folk had to come begging the the service workers to come back, offering incentives such as free houses, because none of them could bear to make their own artisinal biscotti to go with their hand roasted latte.

It was kind of hilarious, if it wasn't so sad.
Some places are like that intentionally, Sun City AZ for example. My grandparents lived in a community that was 55+ and when they moved in back in the early 70's it was still pretty far removed from the PHX sprawl; anyone who worked there commuted in to work since the vast majority weren't old enough to live there even if they wanted to, or had enough money for that matter.