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Full Version: Reflective Mylar (sleeping on and/or under)
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I purchased this Mylar "tent" (and I am using it as a blanket on top of my normal blankets) the other day from Walmart for 7.99 (said 2.00 off msrp).

The "tent" when installed is suppose to be 5' high and 8' long.

What I found to be interesting is when flat and used as a blanket it is still 8' long and probably (I haven't measured it yet) at least 5' wide or more AND it is two plys of reflective mylar laying flat.

Feel free to post Input, Suggestions and Experience on sleeping on or under Mylar (or both).


Sleeping under or in Mylar will have you waking up soaking wet from either condensation or body sweat and probably both.

Mylar reflects back body heat really well which is why it will keep you warm.

They are meant for emergency use, as in 'I went hiking for 2 hours and got lost and spent the night in the bush' emergency!

I carry a mylar blanket in my day pack along with water purification tablets and other emergency stuff in case of a delay in getting back from a hike due to injury or such.

Oh yea, and it's noisy as all get out too! You'll be lucky to get any sleep with the noise.

I buy the mylar emergency blankets at the dollar store.
Mylar 'emergency blankets' have their uses, but as a standard sleeping blanket - no.  Condensation issues, no breathability, etc.  Can be used as a rain shelter, or to reflect campfire heat back to you.
Since you have mylar made to be a "tent," it may be a bit thicker and less brittle than the standard dollar emergency "blanket."

With your standard blanket between yourself and the mylar and presumably not having tucked in the mylar all around to "seal" yourself in, the condensation may not be a problem (unless your sleeping space is humid too).

I'm curious where you are that nights require the added layer? The big problem would be that in really cold weather you might try to seal yourself up and then that would create condensation. There is a maxim for surviving in cold weather: you sweat, you die. Moisture on the body can allow hypothermia (and it does not always take below freezing temps).
Right now I am just using the Mylar as a "foot warmer" as I have no heat installed yet.

Earlier this year (early March) I was able to stay warm (with no heat) using a few layers of blankets (above and below) and two of the emergency Mylar blankets. The coldest it got was around 8 degrees one night. Most of the time the temperature was in the 30s.

I learned the hard way about the condensation and saw it first hand as it "RAINED" inside my Step Van ... lol.

I also saw condensation on the underside of the Mylar on very cold days.

All this being said ... It is possible if you are wearing the right clothing to survive with out heat.

I was also looking at the extreme survival blankets as those looked interesting as well.

The Mamba Extreme looks interesting and got great reviews but seems pricey ...

Since I work for the public at large I am not sure about reactions to my current living situation as far as clients go. So my location is probably best left described as Generally in the area of the North East, USA.

I am truly enjoying my Stealth living while being out and about ... (not to mention a huge cut in overhead and a large cost savings).

Now I just need to make sure I don't freeze my @$$ off this winter ... lol

So tonight I am trying out my "tin foil sleeping bag" lol ...

Hey ... except for some crunchy noise if I move around ... it's not bad lol

I am "in" the "tent" and using it as a sleeping bag with no other blankets.

The temperature is about 45 degrees outside and I have no heat on the inside.

I would say for the 7 bux I paid (was on sale normally about 11 bux) I am getting my monies worth.

I feel like a roasting hen waiting to go into the oven lol.

I also purchased some charcoal activated calcium carbonate called "DampRid" from Walmart.

So far no moisture on or under the Mylar.

Not too bad actually lol

As with many things it may work to a degree but using it outside of its intended purpose will create issues. I'd suggest you repurposed the tent as an under carpet layer and then go buy a wool blanket. There was a time in the Army we got two sheets and wool blanket (that was it). It's amazing how good wool is.