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Full Version: How can I stop a bolt from getting unscrewed with the vibrations of the car?
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Hello everyone. I am still doing my conversion. I just put some 2x3 runners screwed with bolts and special nuts to the ceiling.

I afraid the bolts will get unscrewed with time and vibrations.

I fear that a lock washer may not hold to the test of time. Should I put construction adhesive to keep that hex head in place? ?? Any better idea? ?[attachment=4592]

Thanks everyone for your help , I'm over due for posting my progress, I'll do that soon in my thread! !!!!

Greetings to everyone! !
I always use loctite on the threads of bolts I don't want to come loose unless there are torque specifications for it (head, mains, etc.).  Blue if you want to take it apart and red if you don't is how it was 'splained to me way back when.  There are others here that may have a better solution though.

depends, nylocks work but they are a one use solution and most are not graded. I prefer grade c locknuts. or use Loctite. you can also drill and safety wire or cotter pin. highdesertranger
It's good to have some Loctite around anyway - I had an alternator and a starter come loose and almost fall off my old van when I was doing a lot of driving on rough gravel roads so I started using it a lot. The medium strength stuff will allow you to remove the bolt later but it won't come loose on its own.

Blue Loctite is the way to go.

Available at any hardware store
I guess I am either odd or cheap. Interior, . I use EU6000 which is like a silicone . Exterior, I use an elastomeric caulk. I either put a little glob inside the nut.and the thread on or I put it on the screw threads and tighten the screw. It keeps the fastener from loosening over time but I can still loosen it if I want with a little effort.
Two words........   BLUE Loctite.  Cool
The blue is the removable type.  If you use Red, Purple or Green, it will be permanent.
We use the blue stuff for bolts on single cylinder dual sport motorcycles (thumpers) due to vibration, and on firearms to secure scope screws.
My KLR650 will shed certain bolts as I ride if not secured with Blue Loctite.
Locktite is good. But if using a quality bolt, lock-washer, and nut, torqued proper, there should be no problem. When did nylocks become onetime use?
nylocks have always been 1 time use as far as I know. most are not graded, you can get graded ones but boy are they expensive. highdesertranger
Thanks everyone, just encountered this issue a couple days ago. Getting myself some blue loctite.
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