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Full Version: Mammoth Lakes Dispersed Camping locations
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update, I was in the area at the beginning of May. prospected at Dog Town did much better than usual. highdesertranger
Are you sporting a gold tooth now?
hdr... how large is that open mining area at Dog Town? At least that is worth kicking around on. Mammoth Lakes sure seems like a great spot to spend a summer. Nice temps and low humidity. The hordes would probably keep me out of the areas closer to town.
Got any idea when/if the crowds ever thin out enough to get into Yosemite NP? Thinking I would like to spend some time on the eastern side of the Sierras.
after labor day the crowds start to taper off the closer you get to oct. the better. I a not sure about the area of the public area. I believe it goes from the mouth of the canyon below the last pond to above the confluence of Dog Creek and Virginia Creek.. check with the Forest Service office in Bridgeport it's just south of town. I will PM you with a great boon docking area. anybody who is in the area Bodie is a must see. highdesertranger
Thanks!  Bodie is another spot I want to see and get photos of.  A number of sights I want to see in person in the area.
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