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Full Version: YouTube with bob and enigmatic
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Have been watching the YouTube review with the Enigmatic Fanatic couple and your fearless leader Bob.

Two thumbs up for the videos Keep them coming. That YouTube community needs more education about how to keep it all as a low cost full time lifestyle. Looks like Bob just had a small walk in part in this production.

This one is bigger
HA!! Cool!! Smile

too bad it's so short! Sad
check out this link for the longer one
Can't wait to see those smiling faces for real, in Q!!!
I've wanted to make videos for a long time but don't have the know-how to make good ones. James, Kyndal and I have been friends for a long time and he's really good with video so we decided to combine our skill-sets.

We've only published two so far but have several others in the can:

This is the first it's an introduction and no real ehlpful content:

This is the second and we compare my Weber go-anywhere propane grill to their Coleman Grill with a burner. We actually make the burgers and taste test them. The Coleman is more flexible, she warmed the beans while cooking the burgers but we all thought the Weber tasted slightly better. See it here:

If you are still researching cooking as a vandweheler it should be helpful. We're trying to make it as fun as we can while its educational.

thanks for the heads up. I am subscribed to the nomads so I saw this a few day ago I was going to start a thread and it slipped my mind, duh. highdesertranger
who would of thunk it,sasquatch wears camos. zing

i do like the enimatiac,enimatic,enimateac --- james and kyndal's channel,i get a good vibe from them
Good show Bob , its fun to watch and educational. Thanks all who made it possible.
I've been enjoying the videos. Keep them coming.
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