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Full Version: Folding Ceiling Mount Bracket for 17-37 inch LCD Screens (Max. 44 lbs) $19.95
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I have my 32 inch flat screen hung from one of these brackets and for the last six months it has worked well.  I did add straps that I use when driving to keep the screen secured up and out of the way, even though I had no problems with the unit keeping the TV up and folded flat to the ceiling.

The site has all kinds of interesting goodies, beware there are things you don't even know you need until you see them there.

I have a TV mount that I bought from Wal-Mart. I am going to have to rebuild it with lock washers as the silly thing keep tilting towards the floor. And the TV that was on it was at the light end of the weight scale!
I'd suggest everyone that uses something like this secure the monitor/TV very well before travel. Josseling around on the roads can put a tremendous load on the mounting hardware.
it was recommended to me that if going off road, remove the tv from the mount. highdesertranger