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aka poncho liner, first used by the army in Vietnam, according to what I have read.

It makes a great blanket. It's super light weight and warmer than I thought possible. 

[*]Genuine military-grade warmth, built to last
[*]Ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation for lightweight warmth
[*]Tie strings on corners and sides secure it to your poncho (or to tie to make a sleeping bag liner)
[*]Added material around outer edge for strength
[*]Measures 87" x 64", one size fits most ponchos
[*]Weighs just 2 lbs. (I can't believe it weighs this much!!!)
[*]Condition: brand new, never issued. Slight imperfection
[*]5 camo patterns available
[*]USA made

I bought mine here

But, later found them, here, more expensive but with a zipper so it can be used as a sleeping bag line. and almost twice the price

Here's a pretty good review

If you look at other you tube reviews, people do all kinds of things with these blankets.
you know what I had forgotten all about these. they do make for an excellent light weight blanket and do a multitude of uses. thanks for jarring my memory. highdesertranger
Great blankets.  I used one when I was a scout leader.  Slept on the ground backpacking in 45 degree nights (no wind).  Laid it on the ground and pulled the other part over me.  I was as snug as a bug in a rug.  YMMV.

We each now have one and the poncho to go with it.  Take them with when out for a long walk/hike in the camelback backpack we each have.  Woobie = wouldn't be without it.

OK... I was confused (and sometimes that is not too hard for me).

But Amazon Q&A explained it all. It is not a poncho liner when you are wearing your poncho. The Wubbie (Woobie) has no slit in the middle to go over your head. It is a "poncho" liner ONLY when your poncho is being used as a sleeping bag.

So it is a blanket and bag liner and summer bag. But you cannot slip it over your head and wear it like a poncho (Unless, I suppose, you cut your own center access.)

BTW: Several vendors sell these on Amazon, so you can go through Bob's Amazon search box on the blog. The reviews by vets are very convincing.
Maybe one of our vets can give us that answer. I bought it to use strictly as a blanket. I cantell you I am wrapped up in it right now and everything but my feet and nose are plenty warm. It's 42 (F) and raining.

Be careful or the ones on Amazon. Lots of them are foreign knockoffs which is why I didn't mention them or buy from Amazon.
I am retired from the Marine Corps....the old era ponchos do have the hole and hood to be used for the weather. The purpose of the poncho liner it is roughly the same size as the poncho it make a field expedient waterproof throw.... One tucks the hood to the inside and then lays the liner on top....fold over and use similar to a light weight sleeping bag for those chilled nights when traveling light and a sleeping bag would not be needed or to bulky or cumbersome because of the mission.

One could tie the grommets shut using parachute cord....but in the field (military) this would not be conducive if ya' need to get out in a hurry....hope this helps.
be careful where ever you buy one of these I searched last night and many are knockoffs made in china. even on the military surplus sites. highdesertranger
There is a lot of crap out there that claims to be "mil-spec" but won't last a week.

If at all possible, try to get something from actual surplus.
The key is looking for the tag.
Geek prepper has a decently informative post about NSN #s
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