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Full Version: Super cheap eyeglasses
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I wanted to talk to you about the glasses i just bought, insanely cheap. The site is . If you know your prescription you just enter the numbers in. Be sure to get the distance between the center of eyes too, my doc didnt provide so i had to ..ehem..eyeball it
The pair i got with stock lenses are $6 dollars, i kid you not lol. I upgraded to their photochromatic lenses (generic transitions) for 29 bucks plus tax. i got two pairs. Yes they are basic plastic frames but im surprised how nice and sturdy they are. Downside is slow shipping, took 10 days or so.
[Image: a45fe0270ed5a873cdfd197fceeb06b5.jpg]
Those look good!

Young guy that worked for me at the library used our vision plan one time, with co-pays his new glasses cost him $150, he promptly lost them goofing around with friends in Lake Michigan.  He ordered a pair online from Zenni Optical for something like $6 or $7, worked great for him, he ordered a few more pair and was good to go for years.

I got glasses last month through our vision plan... $387 in copays    Sad
ouch Sad
My last pair i had at least 4 years, probably more like 6. Constant repairs, and too weak in right eye now. i was terrified to break or lose em. Now i dont care, as i got a backup and if i need a pair, just 6 bucks (and 10 days..) away. emailed the prescription to myself in case i lose the paper Smile
Really wish I could try the cheap glasses!  I am an ocular albino, meaning I have no pigment in my eyes (except for one small glob in the back of the eye that freaks out every optometrist I see), so I have to be careful about eye health and buy glasses that protect my very unprotected retinas.  Fortunately my prescription doesn't change a lot so I keep my old ones for spares.
Im sorry, i know its probably a pain for you, but an eye albino sounds cool as heck to me lol
(10-13-2015, 01:41 PM)VanLifeCrisis Wrote: [ -> ]Im sorry,  i know its probably a pain for you, but an eye albino sounds cool as heck to me lol

Truthfully, it got me a LOT of play in my younger days, the ladies LOVED the pale pale eyes with the super dark ring around the outside.  Tongue
Queen, you might want to give Zenni Optical another look (pun not intended). They have a variety of UV and Polarized coatings available and will take special care if you tell them why (ocular albinism). When I last saw an optometrist, I got my Rx and Pupillary Distance (PD) for three different scenarios - Distance (driving), Arms Length (computer, dashboard), and Reading (near). Note that your PD will differ between driving distance and reading, because your pupils are closer together when you focus close up. When I have the funds I have 3 pairs of glasses - Driving/dashboard using my distance PD, Computer/reading using a PD that is 1/2 way between the two, Reading Only with my reading PD.