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Full Version: Nashua foil tape extreme weather.
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Hi all. I am in the middle of the insulation process on my van, using polyisio.

I have been combining this tape.

Been using it in combination with some powerful glue (loctite premium construction adhesive).

I am so tired of using the glue and want to go with just the tape. The glue gives me headaches and causes me nausea, and slows the process a lot and the glue gun is messy.

Question is, will this tape be strong enough to hold 2, 3 or even 4 inches of polyiso to my vans walls ? ?????

How many of you are holding your foam boards / polyiso with just foil tape? ??????? Has it held through the test of time and bumpy roads? ?????????

I am building big polyiso bricks of insulation and I am unsure if only using the foil tape will hold through the years to come. Sometimes I want to paste big bricks that are half pound heavy. Like the 4.5 inch thick brick below[attachment=4848]

Please enlighten me with your experiences! !!!!

Thanks! !!!
I am not sure of the name brand but the best foil tape I found is the stuff that has a release strip that you must peel back to get the adhesive exposed. it's sold at the home depot around here(SoCal). once you stick it it's not coming off. also you just can't tear a piece off you must cut it. I will be in our supply shed Tuesday I will see if I can find it and get you a brand name. if I were to guess I would say 3M. speaking of 3M VHB tape should work. highdesertranger