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Full Version: Folding chairs, folding tables
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What type of folding chairs and table do you recommend? Our storage area is limited in width, so we can't take our current chairs and table, which fold flat and wide. We need something under about two feet in width.
I'm looking at something like this for both outside and inside use for me -

I also saw a folding table that was 24x48 that hinged in the middle - probably gotten at Costco or Sam's Club.

In the meantime, I'm carrying an old TV table for myself.

As to chairs, you're probably going to be limited to the camp chairs like those that all the big box stores carry. I 'inherited' one that has a nice high back and a foot stool attached that's quite comfortable. I had to learn how to get out of it though because the seat is lower than the front edge so my butt was lower than my legs - hard to stand up out of. I found the trick to comfortable lawn chairs is a higher back and a deep enough seat. Many are built for cost not comfort.
One of my vices is comfort I chose the Strongback folding chair with lumbar support. Sitting and admiring the view is important to me. table of choice those wood slat folders. When a guest appears the steel belted cooler with a memory pad cushion is offered. As I do not get a lot of visitors I find having repurposable furniture a great idea.
what I have found that works best for me is flea market table legs. They are made from 1/2 in conduit. They set up like saw horses and fold flat and are 1/2 in  thick when folded. They are about 3ft tall and 20 in wide. I use 1/2 in plywood for top. you can use three legs and two sheets of plywood and over lap on the middle leg and make a longer table. I store my plywood under my mattress and legs under my bed. Takes up verry little room. cost about $6.00 each. Flea markets in Quartzsite should have these
Mac Sports Aviator. I have two, 10+ years old. they just sent me replacement foot pads for free...
Very comfortable for lounging or sitting at a table. Your butt isn't in a sagging sling like most chairs, so your back does not hurt the next day.
These fold up and have a bag that is about as wide as a coffee can and about 3 ft long, give-or-take.

[Image: C104S-100-2.jpg]
We have a chair built just like Zonie that comes from Wally's for $25. Had it nearly a year and very happy with it. When our other sling bottom one breaks (soon) I will buy another of the 25 buck one.

We also have a table like Almost There linked to. Another Wally score for $15. Have had it 3 years. Its big enough for dinner for 2. It also serves as a dish wash stand, desk, and a good place for Margie to color in her coloring books too.
Here's what I use:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1713]

It collapses down into a nice compact package:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1550]

I can't find my table on line anymore, but I've found several nearly identical tables:

Dick's Sporting Goods



Camping World

I have those typical plastic collapsible tables and those director type chairs both came from Costco. a few years ago I splurged and bought one of those zero gravity type chairs. boy o boy that thing is way to comfy. I will sit down with a book and doze off within 15 minutes. highdesertranger
Yeah, I think we bought them at Wally World, come to think about it.
I have bag chairs. For tables, I have three aluminum camp tables from Wal-Mart that were bought years ago for $12 & $15. They cost more now. One of the tables was "fixed" so that it will hold the larger tabletop gas grills with enough extra room for cooking utensils. I just added two poly cutting boards. The other two tables are used where needed. Sometimes that's inside. I do not have a table inside since David & I always ate with our plates on our laps. I had a table in the Class C and removed it. Never could find the table top under all the stuff that got piled on it.

[Image: Grilltable1.jpg]

[Image: GrillTableBottom.jpg]

[Image: GrillTableTopView.jpg]

[Image: GasGrillonTable.jpg]
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