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Full Version: prospecting seminar
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so a few of you asked about a prospecting seminar/class at the RTR.  if enough are interested(see poll,  I hope) I will talk with Bob about doing one.  any topics you would like to see covered post here.  highdesertranger
hey, it worked. highdesertranger
I knew you could do it.

About the prospecting, I'm not sure I can vote. Put me in for "reservedly curious."
I already voted "for" and was your first vote Big Grin  I won't get there until the 6th at the earliest.
silly poll won't even show me the results unless I vote. highdesertranger
I seem to be the second "yes" and there are no other votes right now. But it is early. LOL

I'm sure you'll get a crowd. For those of us who boondock.. who would NOT want to know what the stuff looks like and how to look for it even as an idle time hobby. I'm not going to buy equipment, but I'd like to see how some things work.
I think it would be a good seminar.

As for buying equipment, the best advice I can give is to buy a cheap gold pan (they are less than $10).   After that, only buy equipment you can pay for with the gold you recover  with the equipment you already have.
So far it's 14 to zero iN favor of @100%
Having BTDT, I'm still interested.
Well count me in I have a backpacker model metal detector that always travels with. small pick and small shovel as well.
Great idea, HDR!
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