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Hope you have some left over candy!

No one trick-or-treats here. We didn't get candy this year because the other 2 years, we had to eat it and were expecting a lot of kids. This year, just in case, we bought tiny boxes of raisins.

We were just talking about when we were kids. We had Grandma Sayer in the neighborhood and every year, she made special popcorn balls to give out. I lived in a neighborhood of about 75 people so it was delightful as everyone knew everyone else. Ah, the good ole' days.

Happy Halloween!
We just got home from a costume party, really fun time, we dressed up as tourists. Bad plaid shorts, hawaiian print shirts, socks and sandals, with maps hanging out of our pockets, people knew exactly what we were! And I won the pumpkin carving contest, my prize was a yeti can coozie, it's kinda heavy but it did seem to keep my drink very cold.
Cool Queen!

I worked today and we were encouraged to dress up, so I revamped a Lady Clown outfit I made back in 2004 and added touches to make it a Dia de los Muertos statement. Had the best time scaring the snot out of grown ups while complimenting the kiddos on their outfits and trying NOT to scare THEM!