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Full Version: Just got back to Florida for the Winter
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Came back to get some medical and dental checkups, new glasses. The only one that's been near a medical professional in 2 years is the dog. Need the tools that were left with the son to do a couple projects. Also, a command performance for the other family. 

Now, I remember why we left this place. Hot, humid, giant roaches, mosquitoes, no see-ums, fire ants, traffic, allergies making me feel like I am always just starting a cold, wicked sinus headaches every time there's  a heavy cloud cover, and it's a hell of a flea year.  

And then, there's the MIL, who disapproves of anyone doing anything she does not get to stick her nose in and is always looking for a fight. She disinherited DH because she was pissed off that we left. No, I am not kidding. She did it for spite and for a showy public insult. Funny thing is, the old bat hasn't got much to leave anyone. She has an adequate income, but has blown thru her savings trying to keep up with her wealthier friends - cruises, European travel, closets full of clothes with the tags still on, jewelry. We had been talking about giving her money to maintain her lifestyle. She'll just have to make do, now.

We came back earlier than planned. Got chased away from the Carolinas by Joaquin. So, here we are. Can't wait to leave.
Welcome back?
Yes, thanks. My allergies are giving me fits, I stepped in fire ants, the mosquitoes are eating me alive, and the damned neighbor has been squatting on our site with her car for days. Office was closed over the weekend, but it opens at 9:00. We will be there.

I'll be a lot nicer when she moves her car and my allergy meds kick in and I get the ant nests sprayed.
We've only lived here six months so we're still trying to get accustomed to the heat and the bugs.  It's very hot in Illinois as well... just not in November.   Tongue
I guess we Native Floridians are a tough and hardy breed.  Having been all over this nation I always come back home to Sunny Florida.
I prefer wintering in Arizona. Still have some heat, but not the humidity or the pests. My allergies and sinuses are better there, too.
It's way too early to be in South Florida right now especially this week when the northeast is in the grips of Indian Summer and way above average temps.

The pestilence can be easily controlled with common off the shelf pesticides at a big box store.

The smart folks have their entire properties (lawn, landscaping, and around the base and under the eaves of the home) hosed down with pyrethrin every 60 days.
I'm returning to florida for the first time in 30 years, in the spring. I haven't returned prior to this for all the reasons you mention. This time I'll have wheels and be able to flee if the buga are more than I can handle
(11-02-2015, 05:40 AM)gcal Wrote: [ -> ]... who disapproves of anyone doing anything she does not get to stick her nose in and is always looking for a fight. She disinherited DH because she was pissed off that we left...

Are we related? Your family sounds like my family. I suspect this is more common that most realize. My mother literally ignored David & I when we left. She did say good by to her granddaughter (my daughter) who was sitting in the back seat of our jeep (we were in the front seats). I do have to admit, she was decent to me when she flew out here for my other daughter's wedding. I hadn't seen her in 6 years and only spoke to her a couple times on the phone. I stopped because she would turn the TV on while I was talking and ignore me. After the first year of that crap, I simply stopped calling her. So I hadn't even spoken to her in 5 years except when she called to see if I wanted her to come out to be with me after David died.

Basically my mother, siblings, cousins and aunt only have time for us as long as they want us to do something for them. And once we are no longer needed, we are not wanted. Now that David is dead and no longer available to work on their houses, I guess they have no use for us.

David's family is pretty much the same way. When he died last year, I got cards from 2 family members in MI. His older sister that he was always close to acknowledged his death. And of his other 3 sisters, not so much as an email. I didn't even get an email from his cousin who married someone I once considered my best friend.

I am no longer putting myself out for anyone other than my daughters. I'm just tired of being laughed at, used when they want something, then ignored when I need help.
I had a neighbor some time ago who moved up here from Jacksonville, Fla.   She was a single woman by her own choice and worked for the CSX.  She bid on jobs to move every 5 years or so she said as she felt better not being too woven into any community. 

She was always talking about what she called "Crackers'.  I think it was less than a complementary term.

I found this Cook Book at the Public Library called "The Cracker Kitchen" and read a description written
by a person who was of that area and those people.   It left me wondering why people would even want to
go there for the winter.  Unless there are areas where the tourist and snow birds can live and not be around them.  When I drove across the pan handle I fell in love with that part of Florida.  

This Woman sounds like she's right out of the Cook Book description.

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