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Full Version: MOLD in van! :-(
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I need help guys. So in the campervan conversion I bought I'm now having trouble with MOLD! 1. It has a gas heater inside and I ddnt know u were supposed to crack the windows when using it. 2. Now the back of the shelves are growing fuzzy mold :-'(
I'm taking everything out the van and stripping it because the previous owner ddnt insulate it. What should I do when I start over Inside to not have wetness and mold?
Start by reading the threads i the insulation section where you posted this.  

Then you can ask specific questions.  (Why I sent you here! Big Grin

Most of your questions, including the ones you have not thought of are answered here already.
How to get mold off is a tough one, isn't bleach the recommended method?

My bigger concern would be what's behind the wall, getting off it where you can see it won't help if it's still behind the wall. Can you get access behind here to look around?
Tilex Mold and Mildew will kill mold. Does better than bleach.
Bleach is your best and cheapest bet on non-porous surfaces, especially effective when you are able to wipe the surface. Bleach doesn't do as well on porous things like drywall or grout.

Tilex is just a household cleaner with bleach added to kill mold/mildew...better to go with just bleach. Bleach comes in different concentrations...from 100% from pool chemicals, to 3%-7% from store. Wear protective gear, especially at higher concentrations. When bleach dries, it will leave a surface deposit of salt that can interfere with the ability of other anti-microbials to work properly. So for example, don't use a mister bottle to spray bleach in van wall cavities that you can't reach.

Instead, use a anti-fungal product designed to not only kill mold, but also leave a preventative film that hampers re-growth. Look at

There are many ways to kill mold, even vinegar will work because of pH. There are many household remedies as well...borax comes to mind. When we do mold remediation in a building, we use an industrial mister that circulates through HVAC system as well.

There are also many different types of mold, some harder to kill than others. If mold is in upholstery, best bet is to toss it if that's reasonable.

I find that bleach in as high a %concentration as possible is my preferred option for accessible non-porous surfaces, followed by a commercial anti-fungal/microbial applied to hard to reach areas via mister, and to all surfaces to prevent re-growth.
my guess is there is pink house insulation behind the walls. mold grows in damp environments, so you have to much moisture in your van. open a vent or crack a window, it really doesn't matter where. during the day air it out as much as you are able, in other words open everything. of course f it's pouring rain you can't do this but do it whenever you can. highdesertranger
Let's start at the beginning... What kind of van do you have, cargo van, window van, conversion van, or factory camper van?

Was it made into a camper by a person, or by a company?

What kind of heater do you have, is it vented to the outside?

What area of the country are you in, and what's the weather and humidity like?

If you plan on doing a lot of traveling, where, and in what kinds of weather?

Does your van have working air conditioning?

Do you have windows or vents that be left open in the rain?

In my humble opinion you don't want to start stripping anything out until we get a good handle on exactly what you have, and what the best way to proceed is. I have built hundreds of all weather camper vans, and portable homeless shelters.
Yes, lets start at the beginning....... and pictures are a huge plus.

Also, please, whatever chemical you use, make sure you have plenty of fresh air circulation. A couple fans would be a good start.
so while we are on this subject of mould, how would you tell if you had mould, I know it is obvious in this case as it is growing on the inside walls, but I sometimes wonder what is going on behind the panelling? Is there a meter like a mold meter that detects mould hidden behind walls or some other way short of taking the walls apart? Does it become obvious like mould growth inside in a very short period of time or can it live hidden for years behind the panelling and never show?/
................and when you get rid of all the mold, next time, use my favorite product in the whole world: Reflectix. It is mold and mildew resistant. YES!
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