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Full Version: another polyiso question
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I just built a simple wood frame platform for my air mattress out of 2x4s and the top surface was going to be a layer of well supported cheap luan covered by canvas for puncture resistance, but I was wondering if instead of luan a layer of polyiso with foil side up would work to insulate as well as reflect  body heat so as to warm the air in the mattress. Or will the skin of the air mattress where it contacts the foil defeat the purpose.....however due to the ridges in the mattress structure running length wise there will be some required air space every six inches or so provided I keep the mattress pumped up firm. Anyone tried this? I'm thinking at least it would provide some insulation from the cold floor in my CT.
Closed cell foam beneath an airmattress works very well.  I have been comfortably warm on an airmattress in a tent on the ground, in low twenties temps.  The foam prevents heat transfer to the ground.  Should work in a vehicle too.
My biggest concern would be the lifespan of air mattresses. For this reason I prefer foam.

Closed cell foam is a good insulation barrier.
It's not necessary with an air mattress. The air in the mattress will the the same tempertaure as the air in the van so none of your body heat will go down to the polyiso. Plus, the plastic of the air mattress is waterproof, none of your body moisture will make it to the polyiso either.

You need insulation between you and the mattress, no where else. You're best bet is to get rid of the air mattress, they are just a really bad idea in every way. A foam mattress from Walmart would be much better.

But we can't always do the best thing and if you just can't afford anything beside an air mattress you need a lot of insulation between you and it. Go to Walmart and get a closed cell foam backpackers sleeping pad. Then go to a thrift store and buy the best rectangular sleeping bag they have. Zip it together and slide the foam pad down between them. Hopefully that will let you sleep warm.
I used air mattresses in both of my truck campers and eventually I always would wake up sleeping on the plywood with a flat mattress________________
Lots of fun times trying to find the leak and repair it then inflate it while half asleep in a small camper with a flashlight . I eventually bought a spare mattress so all i had to do was inflate it !
On the plus side , they are really lightweight !
Now , I go with foam , no insulation required .
the biggest problem I found with air mattresses is the difference in air temp from when you blow it up, until early in the morning when you experience the coldest temps. I tried an air mattress but in the desert where the temperature swings can regularly top 50 degrees I found that the mattress would be flat by about 3am and be ready to pop at noon. highdesertranger
Thanks for all the replies. Foam it will be! I've used 3 air mattresses every night for the past 4 yrs, not on the road but in a warehouse space waiting for my disability approval and then buying a CT and gradually converting it to live in full time.....almost ready now. Each mattress had numerous patches, courtesy of my 2 dogs and cat (god Bless em), but I got good at finding the leaks and I've been surprisingly happy with the cost and the comfort level re my bad back, providing it was firm. I do have to dress extra warm on cold nights (insulated coveralls) given minimal heat in the space affecting the mattress air. Eventually I'll go back to a memory foam topper and decent mattress or some kind of firm base after I head out and begin to save money. I had great sleep with that set up before coming to KC. Until then I'll have to use the air mattress despite being a hassle. I'll pick up the sleeping pad and sleeping bag you recommended Bob.....good idea...thanks.
Oh , I forgot another air mattress no no.
I had just bought a new mattress , put it in the truck and filled it up .
Then left Maine and headed for Cali.
Everything was fine till the night after I went over the continental divide.............
OOOOOPS Huh , the mattress was now a giant beach ball and totally ruined !
Maine = sea level , Divide = several thousand feet where I went over ,,,,
remember to deflate the mattress when going up in altitude. Rolleyes
Thanks for the heads up rvpopeye! I'll keep that in mind. Another reason to go foam.