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Is any one else experiencing extremely slow shipping from Amazon?

The last orders have averaged 8 days, and the latest one has not even shipped after 4 days.  

Is this a ploy to get me to give them an extra $99 a year? After 8 years as a customer, I am ready to search other options.  Angry

Dealing direct from Renogy, I placed an order at the same time, and it is due in tomorrow!   Confused
Amazon and Christmas  Dodgy  They may just be out of stock on what your ordered.  This is the shopping rush.  I know it usually says if they are out of stock, but computer glitches happen or the last one was broken.  It may even be an outside vendor filling the order.  I do like Amazon other than having to pay sales tax.  It has always worked well for me with a lot of the shipments showing up a day early.
We have been ordering for years and I noticed that once they started offering the $99 service, times slowed way down. Even when the warehouse was operating in KS about 2.5 hours from where we lived, we went from 3 or 4 days to 10 to 14 days. I have more than once cancelled items because I found them cheaper while out shopping. I get a box that asks why I am canceling so I can point out what the problem is. Basically, they'll put the people's orders coming in after yours on top of yours if they have the $99 service. I looked at the service but it doesn't make sense for us and I always order over the $35.00 and get free shipping. I am frugal and weigh every expense with an obsession. Most things I don't need right away so I'll keep my $99 for something else.
Thanks, I hope I get my order before too long.  Snow due in tomorrow, and I hate to work on wires in the cold.  I might just save that project until RTR.    Sad
A few months ago in the News there was a piece about Walmart's intending to go into competition with Amazon.

I don't know if this has happened yet but the competition could be a healthy thing.
I've noticed the same thing this past year, even talked about it with others. Free shipping seems to equate to letting it sit unshipped for days, when before odds were solid that you would receive item in 3-4 days. My PC died last week and I ordered a new MB Sunday afternoon. I paid for shipping instead of the free option and wouldn't you know, it was delivered from Kansas on Tuesday at 2pm. Funny that.
This is the response i got from Customer No Service.   Dodgy

I placed the order on the 7th.  Still no notification on shipping. 

Message From Customer Service

We still expect order #xxxxxxxx  to be delivered by December 14, 2015 - December 17, 2015; which was originally shown after the checkout process. 

The most up-to-date delivery date for an item will be displayed during checkout. Please understand that standard shipping will be delivered within 3-5 business days after the order has shipped. 

Keep in mind that using one of these methods does not mean you'll receive your shipment on the next 3-5 business days after the order is placed. It does *not* change how long it takes us to assemble and ship out your order--it only reduces the delivery time after the item leaves our fulfillment center. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,
Egbert D Giovanni

Thank you.
I am a Prime member, and do enjoy the quick shipping on many items.  Others aren't qualified for Prime but usually come fairly rapidly.  The only ones I wait for are coming from overseas.
Since becoming an Amazon Prime member I have no use for ebay and it's nonesense.
I've noticed slower shipping also, as I like others only order when I have at least $35 worth to get the free shipping. I've even recently received orders after the delivery date quoted on the tracking ;( I especially don't like when they use Smart Post, which is where UPS hands it off to the Post Office for final delivery. It usually adds at least 2 extra days in my area.
I have not ordered anything recently but I have to agree with everyone, they are slower. And Masterplumber you are so right about "Smart Post" it would more accurate to call it "Dumb Inefficient Post". I have had those packages delayed by a week and more in our area of Montana.
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