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Full Version: Ultra Touch Sound or Reflectix for floor insulation
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There is so much information out there and I just need a damn shopping list. And stat, because this warmer weather we are having in New England isn't going to last. Can you help me!

Every body has a paragraph opinion. I'm looking for your comprehensive lists. I'll select from there. Looking for moisture barrier, mold proof, and sound deadening.  I'm so close and once this is finished I can head south to finish the rest!

Attached are images.

1.) What should I use to fill/seal small screw holes in floor?

2.) Do I need to tape any seams? If so, with what?

3.) Is it absolutely necessary that I sand off the bit of surface rust patches. Keeping in mind the van is old, so I don't expect it to be my eternal dwelling.

4.) Do I lay anything in the gaps between the raised flooring? I heard wood slats could mold.

5.) Should I buy Ultra Touch Sound or Refectix?! 

6.) What kind of screws should I buy to or should I just lay down the plywood. 

You are my people! Thanks for your help. 

Definitely treat any rust you find. You can get rust converter stuff that you just brush on, it should help keep it from spreading.

For small screw holes just squeeze some Goop glue in them. For larger bolt holes glue a penny over them.

For my floor I put 1/2" polyiso down, then cheap laminate flooring over that. No screwing anything down, no putting anything in the gaps. If you have really large gaps, cut some scraps of the polyiso and use that. Reflectix won't give you much insulation or sound deadening. The only thing I would use the stuff for is as a flexible window shade. Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing Ulta Touch is not rigid so I wouldn't use it as a floor. It looks good for filling gaps in the ceiling and walls though.
(12-14-2015, 02:12 PM)Reducto Wrote: [ -> ]"For my floor I put 1/2" polyiso down, then cheap laminate flooring over that. No screwing anything down, no putting anything in the gaps. If you have really large gaps, cut some scraps of the polyiso and use that."

I'm assuming you put down plywood before laying the laminate. Is there different thicknesses? If so, what thickness did you use? 

No plywood, just laminate. Thinnest and cheapest I could find. So far it feels very solid.
If you want linoleum, just lay in a sheet of tempered hardboard (about 1/8 thick) over the polyiso, then whatever vinyl you like.
I didn't bother with either the polyiso nor reflectix on the floor. Without an air gap the reflectix isn't going to do any good and I figured insulation would just crush under walking weight unless I laid in a frame to support whatever flooring I put in.

Patch the holes, either as the guys above have said or with a little body filler if anyone has some laying around - no need to buy a can for just that.

I laid 3/4" plywood over the floor in the van so that I had something solid to screw in to, to mount all my furniture pieces to.

I used vinyl laminate and I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that I did. In just the past 3 weeks on the road, I've had a cooler leak, wet shoes, water drips from various sources and the occasional drop of rain on the floor. I mop it up and carry on without a worry about my floor. And it looks good too!

It's amazing how quiet the van is inside when driving, well other than a wood squeak from the toilet cabinet that I need to fix... Rolleyes
My solution was a rug and shoes. Insulation and some sort of wood over that just reduces headroom without accomplishing much.
Heat rises, insulting the roof is critically important, insulating the floor has very little value. The only thing I've ever done to insulate the floor was in Alaska when I laid down surplus GI backpacker closed cell foam pads and put a carpet over it. No insulation in my current trailer except lots on the walls and roof and it stays warm very well.
the way Bob described insulating the floor is the best imo. use the G.I. foam pads or Ensolite foam, same thing. I use this myself to replace the factory insulation that absorbs moisture, Ensolite will not. it has excellent insulation properties, the pads are about 1/2 inch thick, you can lay it on snow and sleep on it and not feel the cold from he snow. btw I was just at an Army Navy Surplus store last week and they had the foam pads. highdesertranger
Consider Prodex; it's much less expensive than Reflectix... and uses double stick tape, not total contact adhesive.

Putting it on the floor under the mat had good sound deadening effect as well as not having a terribly cold floor to step upon in the early cold mornings. Wink Remember that 1" of air between layers is what gives the "R" value.