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Full Version: Article: Urban Live-In Truck Rental (to live in)
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San Francisco Renters are paying $600 mo to live in this truck...
I wonder what a "User Experience Designer" is?

Nearly $3,700 a month for a one bedroom apartment....?   Sheesh. 
That $600 rental would pay for a decent 3/2 doublewide on a half acre down here, and in a couple decades you'd OWN it.
Not a bad idea, renting out mobile apartments.
(12-16-2015, 10:31 AM)LeeRevell Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what a "User Experience Designer" is?

Something on the order of setting up a website so that folks stay on it as long as possible, so making sure that it runs seamlessly, buttons are where the user 'expects' them to be, etc.