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Full Version: DIY Silica Gel Oder Eaters
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I found this blog today. How to make silica gel packs that remove moisture and prevent those bad smells in our clothing storage bins and other containers we use to keep things in. Would also be good to have in the camera gear bag. Many years ago I had an slr and 3 lenses destroyed by mildue in the camera case it was kept in!
Good find.
I save all the gel packs I find, but have bought them and they are pricey. Also use a couple bamboo charcoal packs, which are like 10 bucks each!
Gonna try these if I can find the cat litter.
I'm going to try them to. Keep stuff safe from moisture.
That's the same stuff used for neck coolers
(12-16-2015, 10:59 PM)Ella1 Wrote: [ -> ]That's the same stuff used for neck coolers

The person that posted that may have thought she was using the right thing but after having made and sold neck cool ties by the gross for almost a decade, I can tell you that made correctly 'cool ties' do not use silica gel.

Silica is a dessicant that absorbs moisture from the surrounding air to avoid mold problems. it is used as a drying agent.

Cool ties are properly made with polyacrylamide which absorbs liquid of any kind and then holds that moisture. It was originally conceived for use in agriculture in arid zones so that the soil held any rainwater for longer periods of time. Just like post it notes, some lab staff realized that it also had a side effect of being at least 10 degrees F cooler than the surrounding air. I suspect a golf game on a hot day had a play  in it as well... Big Grin

There is both an agriculture grade of polyacrylamide and a cleaned up version of it that should be used for making cool ties. I had many customers complain of other ties they had purchased being slimy to the touch. It was because whoever was making them had used the agriculture grade available in places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, sold for plant growing medium. The craft grade has been screened and air washed to eliminate the broken crystals and dust that cause the slimy feeling.
Good to know! Thanks for that.