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Full Version: How To Re-Size a Picture
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A simple shortcut that works well for me is to have two e-mail addresses. When I want to shrink a picture down, I simply e-mail it to myself in a smaller size.
(12-17-2015, 05:36 PM)akrvbob Wrote: [ -> ]Mac user here,
  So, yeah, are there any other Mac users? I had to actually open the pic that I wanted to resize in Photoshop (purchased separate from Mac), and resize it. This seems like a lot of trouble to go to.... it didn't seem like I could resize photos in the iPhoto app native to Macs (couldn't mac users resize photos in iPhoto before?). 
  If anyone else has some better/quicker/less computer memory-intensive method (than opening Adobe Photoshop), please mention it here.
If you have a Mac I'm sure it came with one and would be similiar. The concepts will be the same for both.
This menu below will pop up. I've circled the important ones in red. You want to resize pixels and you want to maintain the aspect ratio. For this forum 800 pixels on the long side of the picture is a good number. It's big but not too big. My blog has a narrower page so I use 640 for it. A very narrow page might call for 480. 

If it's a normal landscape oriented picture put the new number in the horizontal box. You don't need anything in the other box, it will figure it out automatically. Click OK and it will resize it, then click File and save it to your computer--you may want to rename it using the original the name plus "resized-800"
I use a small , super easy program called fotosizer. Just add a dot com for the website
I frequent a couple of Linux forums and one recommended site for including images in a post is PostImage.  Just upload your pic and links are generated for various online environments.  For forum posts, there are a couple that you would use.  The site is free.  If you want to store your images on the site for later use or retrieval, you can also register for a free account.
I have only an iPad. It emails the images without any option to select a different size.

I am going to try a photo site. And just link to that site. Any suggestions?

Just had to try that.
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