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Full Version: Meeting other CRVL'ers but not at RTR?
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I'm not able to go to RTR but I'd love to meet some CRVL'ers if they are passing through and have time for a coffee.

Has there ever been a dedicated thread for this? 

I guess the way to do it would be to list your hometown (if you aren't completely mobile) and if someone was in the area and wanted to, they could PM you and set up a meeting time?

Would this be ok to do here? Would anyone else be interested?
I'm pretty sure anyone is welcome to post in the "gatherings" forum, so you might try there. I've met a few CRVL'ers on the road but it was mostly impromptu.
I thought of that section, but this isn't really a planned gathering. More of a 'Hey, I'm going to head through Tallahassee tomorrow, maybe I'll PM Rugster and see if wants to meet for coffee.' kind of thing.
Maybe a dedicated thread in that area that could be turned into a sticky so it always stays on top.  Or maybe here in the General Discussion area where more people might see it?

I have my location in my sig. Other sites do this so people can see where others are near them and get together...

...Of course, this site has a lot of "mobile" folks...
Simply having your location in your sig isn't the same as extending an explicit invitation to look you up.  At least, not to me.  I would never try to meet someone unless he/she made it clear they would LIKE to meet other people here.  But maybe that's just me . . .

Yeah, that's the idea of the thread. Sort of putting it out there you'd want to meet travelers passing through your area.
Or make a signature like this?
That's cool, too but what if you don't post for a week? is a web site devoted expressly for this purpose. You can have a friend's list and control who can see what about your whereabouts. You can put in an iteniary and everything.
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