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Full Version: Building in cold weather!
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Winter building outdoors can be a bit of a pain....

This is a transition phase on my build, and a temporary one at that, so I won't include it in my build thread, but will post it here instead for those that would prefer to watch a cold build as opposed to doing one!

So I have to remove my temporary back wall in 3 sections.
Each section needs to have a precut painted panel ready to go.
I did one the other day, the passenger side, and did another one today, the drivers side, which leaves me with a door and overhead to get done by the weekend.

****So this morning it was -2 F outside and no sun...****

I was removing the temp wall that had my furnace attached and so I had to remove the furnace for the duration.

First pic is from the other day, with the right panel on.


Next is the opening after removing the left panel and door.


Thankfully I have a little Redi-heater to keep the place from freezing in the meantime.


Here the left panel is up, and the door opening is now oversize.


Scab in a few boards to get the old door back on...


Here the door is now remounted...


And the furnace exhaust and propane line configured...


Total downtime 6 hours.

Supposed to get down to -10 or -15 on the weekend, and I have to get the middle and door pieces cut and painted and ready to go for then!

Sure would have been nice doing this in warm weather!
Again doing this in cold weather, and since it's a temporary transition in the build I'll add it here instead for context.

So I got the new 30" wide door frame done up, I built the frame with 3/4 cabinet plywood and put one sheet of 1/2" ply for the facing then added a pre-painted 1/2" ply that was oversize on three sides so that when the door closes it forms a fairly tight inner and outer seal without needing weather stripping.

Here's a pic of the back wall basically completed, as you can see anyone with a screwdriver can let him/her self into my vehicle in 10 mins or less, not too safe!

My goto for this kind of security is good old carriage bolts!
So I added some Dexion pieces inside which gave me a place to put the carriage bolts.

Here you can see the back door and surrounding panels with the carriage bolts.
Also notice my backup camera system in place, I built a custom bracket for the cameras.
2 cameras, one for the backup cam, and the other for the in-house view to the outside rear.
I plan on putting two more cameras up for the front side views.


Here's a closeup of the camera bracket.


Here you can see a bit of the detail of the door construction and how I used the Dexion pieces.


So I now have the back end sewn up for reasonable stealth in the city and will be leaving the  peace,quiet and comfort of my friends acreage to get back to living in the city, and starting the next phase of my build, which will be the inside.

I'll resume the build in my build thread, as this was a bit of a rabbit trail, showing cold weather building as well as the usage of temporary structures to get to the final build!
dang that first pic looks cold. take care and stay warm. highdesertranger
Yeah, it gets down to 0F overnight, and from 5-25 F during the day, and this isn't even our cold weather yet!

In the van I'm warm and toasty, it's outside that's the problem!  lol