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Full Version: InSoFast
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I saw an ad for these in Family Handyman and thought some some people might be able to make use of them. They are smaller panels so they are easy to handle. You just glue them up to any flat surface. Then they have a strip that you can just screw right into. No furring strips required. Perfect for finishing out a cargo trailer, a box truck, or a step van.

[Image: ux-2.0.jpg]

I have no idea how well they work. Or even how much they cost. I just thought someone might be interested.
For a 24" by 48" by 2.5" board it is $29.00 with an R value of 10. While an R value of 10 for 2.5 inches isn't bad, other rigid foam board insulation has better R value. It is a decent product, but expensive per square foot/thickness. Still worth considering.
Since it is designed for inside a building with a controlled environment, I wonder if the adhesive will be acceptable for mobile use with vibrations and temperature extremes?