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Full Version: Rockwell 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw
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This is my new, most favorite power tool.

[Image: rk3441k-2104.jpg]

It is light weight and easy to use. Because I can see the line, I can follow a line with super precision. It is well balanced and easy for me to use one handed. The blade height adjustment is super quick to use, so it doesn't slow you down and you aren't tempted to use it with the blade all the way out when it should be taken in some to match the wood thickness. Plus, it is very compact so it doesn't take up nearly as much space to store as a full-sized circular saw. Because I don't expect to need to "face" 2x4s any more, this is all I need.

I got mine at Lowe's.
pair it with something like this  Oscillating Tool and you will be nearly unstoppable! lol