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Full Version: Back of bucket seat organizer recomendations please
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I have a 2012 one ton GMC Savana extended base cargo van with the standard grey vinyl bucket seats.  They do have the fold down armrests on the inside edges of the seat backs.

Why you like them and a link to where I can check them out would be much appreciated.

I used my suv this weekend on a trip and there was stuff everywhere! How do you guys keep the small things organized?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.
Personally I do not organize the small stuff (except tools) it goes in a cardboard box,having 2 or 3 of everything makes it easier.
Look on Amazon for High Road swing away seat organizer and for Fancy Mobility backseat organizer with visor storage.
if I was to get them I would get them with the MOLLE system. that way you can add/subtract pouches to customize to your liking. there are several out there here's a couple, and . highdesertranger
I really love my backseat organizer.  Although I've looked several times over the years, I cannot find another like it. I'll do my best to describe what I like about it.

- It's made of strong materials.  I've been using it since 2008 and it has no rips or frays.
- It's as long and wide as the back of my driver's seat, maximizing storage space.
- It has a variety of pocket sizes and shapes.
- Most of the pockets are small, except for the bottom one.
- The larger pockets have a Velcro "latch" at the top to keep them from gaping open and taking up space.
- Some of the pockets are made of mesh so it is easy to see what is in them.

I don't keep all of my small stuff in this organizer, but anything smallish that I might need quickly or regularly is stored there.  One important habit to have when living out of such a small space, is to abide by the old adage: a place for everything, and everything in its place.  That includes exactly where I put my small items within my backseat organizer.

Here is a list of what I keep in it (or hang off it) pencils/pens, watch (used as my clock), hand sanitizer, eyeglass repair kit, ear plugs, emergency whistle, small infrared temperature gauge, SPOT GPS Messenger, air horn, fingernail clippers, tweezers, sun screen, antibiotic, bear spray, bottle of water, vitamins for the day, backup key fob, primary key fob while sleeping, a few sentimental things (necklace pendants, CRVL/RTR stickers, cards, small stuffed animal), harmonica, small musical whistle, small notebook, clips (like clothes pins), hair clip and band, flash light, trash bag, lip balm, lighter, inhaler, mirror, small screwdriver, smart phone while in car, earphones, mifi device when using it ... probably more I can't think of right now ...

[Image: IMG_20150409_140725.jpg]

Hope that helps.  Suanne
Step 1) Go to the nearest department store and get some of those over the door shoe organizer things. Step 2) Cut, sew or staple them to fit every unused vertical inch of your van. Step 3) regret nothing.
Wagoneer-i have a bad habit of tossing thing in boxes and drawers. Trying to be better organized (and not have 2-3 of everything). Smile

Odyssey-Thanks for the recommendations. I checked them out and will place the order once I get enough for free shipping.

HDS: Holy smokes. That's a great idea but it's a little too spendy for me. Wowsers!

Suanne-It was reading about your organizer that made me ask. Thanks for the tips and the pic!

I have another (longer) trip in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! Next up, figuring out how to poop in the car with it packed full. How big of a hole will I need to cut out of a board so I can "do my thing" over a 2 gallon bucket. Haha!
TMG-I'm not crafty enough. And don't really know exactly what kind of pockets and how many I'll need. Which makes what HDS recommended the best route. But it's too pricey.
(09-09-2016, 06:55 PM)TooManyDogs Wrote: [ -> ]TMG-I'm not crafty enough. And don't really know exactly what kind of pockets and how many I'll need. Which makes what HDS recommended the best route. But it's too pricey.

Are you a little crafty?
I bet you could rig one up using a molle vest (with the front of the vest on the back of your seat), the hardest part would be getting it tight enough around the seat.
Like this:  but not neccessarily from this website.
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