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Full Version: Any separated dad's live like this?
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I'm considering this change for my life. I'm wondering if/how any dad's feel about it? Wife wants me to "get a place"... This is an appealing alternative.


Just my opinion and frame of reference --

When I was just divorced from ex-wifey she said "Get a place" --- it was just her final attempt at control [Image: toetap05.gif]

My choice was to live in a Dodge Open Road motor home [Image: thumbsup.gif]

The new found freedom after 21 years of a not so great marriage was eye opening [Image: clapping.gif]

Besides saving a ton of money - I actually enjoyed it [Image: dance.gif]

The best was when she wanted to see me to talk about the kids - I suggested we meet in the local police parking lot. When I showed up in the motor home - I invited her in for lunch - Tea with peanut butter and jelly on rye and donuts [Image: 32df8d4b.gif]

I could tell she hated the fact I wasn't miserable and living under a bridge [Image: disgust.gif]

She asked me where I park at night -- "Anyplace I want to ---- at the beach this week" [Image: dc76b29b.gif]

She was pissed ---- and I had a smile on my face ( inside  [Image: 8199d256.gif] )

Do I still sound a little bitter [Image: rolleyes5.gif]

You're on the right form kingsnake.  Lots of informative people here.  Welcome aboard.


You're on the right form kingsnake.  Lots of informative people here.  Welcome aboard.


Oh - yea -- [Image: Hello.gif]

I had a pretty messy divorce, one that dragged on for several years in and out of court. I was a mess back then, and not much of a human being, let alone a father. I WANTED to be a good dad, but the booze wouldn't let me. Anyway, my visitation was supervised ( with good reason) for quite a while, and I also got behind on support. Both visitation and support required a verifiable adress. Fast foreward 17 years, I'm sober over a decade, pay my support and have cut my arrears by over half., but still have to maintain an adress with the courts. Just another reason I count down the days till both my boys are 21. These are MY circumstances, your experience may be much different.
Don't think I welcomed you yet kingsnake so Here it is
I am very appreciative to those folks on here who lay it out on occasion to benifit others.


Hi Kingsnake....I  have my  story on  the  CheapRVLiving site in the left side column under "Living in  a converted bus". My first bus came along as I was  recently divorced and recently struck

I built a pair of bunks for my two sons when I built out the bus...they spent the summers with me at my job in Denali National Park in Alaska.

It was a blissful time.....
After a divorce I moved into a box van with a 12 foot box. I lived in it for 6 years. My kids spent their weekends with me and they loved it. I got them a big TV and Nintendo/Playstation and they were happy. We spent a lot of time in parks and at lakes so they could be outside. We all loved it.

I'd say go for it!! Bob
Dude, living in a bus/van/camper is every boys dream! You'll likely be more popular than mom...just do it.
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