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Full Version: Was anybody in the Dec 26th blizzard?
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I live in southern New Mexico and we were really beat up by the blizzard.  It was my first and I was surprised at how rough it could be.  I was snug in my sticks n bricks home listening to a roaring wind, watching snow pile up in drifts and hoping all mobile dwellers were tucked away somewhere safe.  Did anyone ride it out in their mobile dwelling?  Anything in particular you did to make it more pleasant?
Well I am smack dab in the middle of ground zero. In a brick and stick. Made sure I had food, supplies and gas for the portable genny, Power went out early on 12+ hrs without.
Used all the gas up. Thousands without power for a couple days. All restored now.
We really got hit hard, 82 mile a hour gust recorded at the airport.
Before it got really bad, The SO and I went out looking for a older guy(wheelchair bound as well) that has been around the area for quite some time, He is obviously van dwelling and does not make a attempt to hide the fact. I have no idea if he is a member here.
We looked around at the usual spots he parks and did not see him. Was going to offer up a place to park and keep warm. We saw him around yesterday So I guess he faired well