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Full Version: I feel almost bipolar these days.
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I'm thinking it's probably a normal thing. The closer I get to setting out the less neutral I can be about it. It's either 'this is going to be AWESOME, I can't wait!' or it's 'jesus, what am I doing, this is insane'. Either I want to just get out on the road already or I'm thinking of reasons to stall for another month.

The positive moods are winning out most of the time, but I'm getting dizzy from the rise and fall in moods. It doesn't help that I'm not entirely doing this by choice. I keep wondering if there are alternatives I'm not thinking of. And then I remind myself that I picked this, and it's something I'm excited about.

Was this common with other people out there?
That's exactly what I'm feeling!  Can't wait to get going one day and overwhelmed by worry over all the "what ifs" the next...& thinking I've lost my mind!

Enhance your calm...face one day's challenges at a time & keep marching forward to that different drummer.  This is what I keep telling myself.

Gotta break up the enormity of it all into smaller parts.
In Mid-March Hubby & I set May 19 as auction day...home & contents to be auctioned off.  We've already bought the travel trailer to tow behind our Chevy Express van.
The keeper pile still exceeds the space to pack it.  I must find a way to discard more.  My head nearly comes apart w/ the impossibility of  what I must find a way to accomplish.

I can so understand what you are feeling.  My best wishes to you!

   Nothing is forever. If you find down the road that you've made a mistake and you really don't like living in your chosen manner you can change it. The real mistake is not giving flight to your dreams and freedom. I would encourage everyone to not close yourself off from people while living this way. Making the effort to make new friends where ever you go is rewarding. I've found this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my lifestyle. Jump in, the water is fine!

O / P -- But do you feel like a Penguin at the South Pole

If not --- your fine

Did you make the old list thing -- pros and cons ?
 Yes , it's very common and perfectly okay to feel as you do. Any big life change brings on these same feelings - moving out on your own , getting married , changing jobs , buying a house , having kids. And those are the "normal" things to do! When you're doing something that a lot of people perceive as a little strange your feelings will be heightened.  Relax and just keep moving forward. It's pretty good out here on the fringes of normality.
A friend of mine started out much the same you did. She also didn't have a lot of options and picked it over other options. It was a little bumpy at first but she hit her stride and is loving it. Think of this like riding a bike. It's like going from a tricycle to a beach cruiser. There's always a period of adjustment when making any changes. You'll do great!

Quote:Tell someone you love them today, because life is short. But SHOUT it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing.

sl1966,  I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your signature!  

[But I don't want to hijack the thread.]  Lucy: I have fulltimed on the road with my husband but have only done about 8K miles and about 6 months on my own and not fulltime nor all at once.  I enjoy it very much but sometimes ask myself:  When I am finally in a position to sell the house and head out, will this be a really stupid move? 

In the early morning hours, doubt creeps in and almost suffocates my dreams.  But when the day has fully broken, my resolve freshens anew.  As others have said, most decisions are reversible.  Store some of your stuff, stash a little money in the bank and just do it!!!
Being fresh to the road (in my third week already!) I can tell you that I went through the same exchange - some days were fresh and crisp and clear and others were muddied with doubts and what-ifs. The crisp clear days won out and I no longer find myself having muddied days at all. I sleep better than I ever have in my new van home, if I don't like where I am I just crank the engine and take off and it's a hell of a lot less to clean!
Settle for either insanely awesome, or awesomely insane.

Real life is a bipolar experience.  Enjoy the ride; its the roller coaster affect that makes you giggle and scream that makes the experience worth it.  You are normal!!!


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