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Full Version: Update and apologies
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Hey everyone! I am so sorry for not updating earlier. To be honest, when I knew I couldn't make it RTR because I didn't get a decent offer on house it bummed me out and I had to come up with Plan B. Plan B is working all I can to get the money for my bus so I can leave by around the 1st of May.

Since plan B went into effect, I haven't had much time to be online.  I worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and also New Years Day, even though I had nothing going on at work but every little bit helps. I have been using any time off to be with my grandson who has been adjusting to his new house with daddy. Big changes for a little guy used to being with his Nana every day. He is doing well though and it won't be a complete shock to him when Nana goes on a trip now.

Income Tax refunds will be coming soon and that means a good time to be selling cars so I should be able able to save up pretty fast then. Its been slow since Christmas.

I really had my heart set on RTR this year but everything happens for a reason I guess. I have decided to just stay focused and not let it get me down. I will miss the chance to meet all of you but hopefully next year I will already be set up and ready to go. 

I will be keeping up with your travels and adventures on here more often, now that I am back into a work routine.
No apology necessary. Do what you've gotta do and all that, and it'll work out. Right now it's probably less rainy wherever you are! We're waiting out the drizzles.
Everything does happen for a reason and I know, all too well, how hard it is for plans to be delayed. Glad to see an update and that despite a setback, you're still moving forward with your dream.
Fulltime RVers have a saying.
"Make all plans in jello."

Stuff happens for whatever reason and you gotta stir the jello,plan B.
You just did that.

Good to hear you are doing well with plan B and the little guy is doing well too.
You can still get your tribal fix here online and members will be passing by too so you can still meet some in person.

Plan B also gives you the benefit of time. You won't have to rush anything.
Good Luck in the new year.
It took me several years to get here and not for lack of trying.
What Diane said. I had plans to pull into Q today. Van's packed and I'm ready to roll. Couldn't fill a prescription.

Thanks for the update
As the others have said; "things happen for a reason". I'm actually glad you didn't take me up on my offer of a free ride to RTR. The bus was in the shop for 10 days and by the time I got it back there was no time to get it ready to pass inspection in Texas and get it registered. I had to drive my SUV and it was so full, there was no room for another passenger. But I made it!!! And so will you.
Durn...just today as I was walking I looked around wondering if you were here yet...

I was looking forward to that ssw hug...

I'll give a rain check...

All the best to you...
I was too Roadtramp! Save me a few.
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