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Full Version: This blanket will keep you warm
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ComfortTech Stratton 3M Thinsulate Blanket

It is a layer of Thinsulate sandwiched between two layers of very soft fleece. I have tried goose down, down alternatives, the standard fleeces, comforters, sleeping bags, you name it. This blanket has kept me toasty warm in 13 degrees in my unheated, non-insulated van.

It is pricey, $60-$100 depending on size. Worth every penny. I have washed/dried it (cool water, low heat) in coin operated laundromats with good results.

I found mine on a sale table at Bed Bath and Beyond for $50 King size. They sell it on their website, too.

I still carry a lightweight blanket because in just coolish weather, this blanket is too warm.

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Best wishes.
Excellent suggestion! This is on my list now.

I have a coat with Thinsulate; as long as I have the money, I will never go back. Good stuff!
I do love a good blanket. Gonna have to add this to my collection. I have a down blanket w/ a sleeping bag like layer on the outside, it's currently my favorite but so warm I can hardly ever use it.
Thanks for sharing.....added it to my wish list.
No real information on the temperature rating, thickness or gram weight of the thinsulate insulation used in this blanket.  I would opt for a 30 degree or lower rectangular synthetic sleeping bag, which are readily available for under $30.  Of course you can't beat down if you can afford it. For that option I would go with an IKEA comforter.
When I was a kid hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I used a military surplus down sleeping bag. It was expensive, heavy, bulky, and the down didn't work if it got wet.

Today's synthetic mummy bags are thin, lightweight, cheap, weatherproof, and toasty warm. 


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The old school stuff was fussy. Those patrol bags were junk.
Todays fabrics and down are superior in many ways to what was used years and decades ago.

To the OP, That does look like a nice blanket.
(01-09-2016, 06:06 PM)Stargazer Wrote: [ -> ]ComfortTech Stratton 3M Thinsulate Blanket
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Sound good, but scratch BB&B as they say they no longer sell it online. Don't know about in store.
My warmest blanket is a military surplus wool one. A bit on the heavy side, but warm. I think it's from the Italian military?